CSR at Ebuyer.com

Corporate Social Responsibility at Ebuyer.com

As the leading independent online electrical retailer, our corporate policy is to always offer the best deals to our customers. However, we recognise the importance of social responsibility, whether that is within the environment, in the local community, or simply the impact of technology on our lives.

  • Promoting Technology

    Promoting Technology

    As a company that delivers technology, we think it's great. However, we believe that technology is beneficial to everyone. Technology can educate and inform, entertain, assist people in getting a job and also encourage people to live healthier lives.

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  • Going Green

    Going Green

    We may have an orange logo, but we are certainly going green. We already have a number of processes in place to ensure Ebuyer.com is environmentally friendly.

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  • Employee Responsibilities

    Employee Responsibilities

    We believe that looking after our staff is a top priority to ensure a successful business. Here's what we do to encourage a happy workforce.

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  • CSR in the community


    Corporate Social Responsibility is not just about a company and its customers, but about the company's impact on the community. We aim to give back to the community and every year we select a number of charitable organisations to support.

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