CSR at Ebuyer.com

Going Green

We may have an orange logo, but we are certainly going green. We already have a number of processes in place to ensure Ebuyer.com is environmentally friendly. We also offer a selection of services to our customers from free recycling to reporting procedures for over-packaging, as well as 'green' technology products on our site.

Greening the Supply Chain

Here at Ebuyer UK Ltd we take environmental policies very seriously.

We have an on-site Quality and Compliance team which oversees all the policies we put in place. Ebuyer is committed to the greening of the supply chain. This means we are looking at the environmental impact we have as a business throughout the whole end-to-end process. Wherever possible we aim to reduce our impact on the environment through implementing measures above and beyond our legal obligations. As always, this begins at home and we have a number of processes in place to ensure our headquarters adhere to a strict environmentally friendly policy.

Recycling in our warehouse

The Ebuyer.com warehouse was designed to accommodate green activity. All waste cardboard is collected on an automated conveyor belt and baled ready for removal, thus ensuring we comply with Health and Safety legislation. We also recycle all types of plastic including polystyrene. This waste is then sent to recycling companies to be recycled. None of the waste generated on site is sent to landfill.

Lighting in the office and warehouse

When our headquarters were designed, automatic lighting was incorporated into the design. All the lighting in the company works on sensors, whether that is in our offices or our warehouse. If movement is not detected then the lights will turn off, if movement is detected the lights will come on. This has a huge benefit on our electricity bill and also reduces the amount of energy used when processing your order.

How we help you stay green

There are a variety of ways that Ebuyer works with its customers to reduce the negative environmental impact caused by technology. These include recycling and offering 'green' products on our site. Take a look at our green services below.