CSR at Ebuyer.com

Employee Responsibility

While monitoring the business impact on the environment and working with local communities are essential aspects of any company, we also believe in looking after the people that make it all work. At Ebuyer.com, we promote a happy and productive working environment where health and safety of employees is a key consideration and the Managing Director's door is always open.

Ebuyer.com offers a wide range of services that give customers that something extra, such as taking orders up to 11pm on weekdays for next day delivery. Without a fantastic team, we would not be able to offer value like this.

Likewise we pride ourselves on our customer service and the swiftness at responding to customer feedback through a variety of channels such as our free email system, enotes, social media channels and 'Contact the Managing Director'. Again without efficient staff, these services would not be possible.

As such, Ebuyer.com is fully committed to its responsibilities towards all employees and aims to go above and beyond to make this a fantastic place to work.

This starts from the moment a job advert is placed on our website and lasts throughout the entire employment lifecycle. Ebuyer prides itself on providing employment opportunities for individuals from any background - as long as you have the skill, merit, passion and drive to help our success, you're in!

From day one Ebuyer provides a competitive salary and valuable benefits, including a subsidised canteen facility, a free on-site gym, a Contributory Pension scheme, a Death-In-Service scheme, discount on national attractions and the potential for monetary bonuses.

Personal Development is more than a buzz-word at Ebuyer. We actively seek ways in which to grow and nurture our team, whether through vocational training and qualifications, internal promotional opportunities or a complete change in career direction, we will do whatever necessary to keep our staff motivated, engaged and happy in their jobs.

Staff Health and Safety is also of paramount importance - we take all steps necessary to ensure that our state-of-the-art facilities are safe, secure and free from danger. All workstations are regularly examined to optimise comfort and productivity and our dedicated Health, Safety and Maintenance professionals guarantee that we are always prepared for the unexpected.

All in all, we think Ebuyer is a pretty great place to work. As long as we all work hard to make sure customers receive their orders, the sky is the limit!

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