CSR at Ebuyer.com

Packaging Directive

We can all do more to save our planet's resources. Ebuyer delivers your orders to you in packaging, but you can do your bit by recycling this packaging. As part of our environmental commitment, we have created this page to provide you with information on ways to recycle and recover packaging from your purchases.

Where your order packaging begins its life

Ebuyer has a unique warehouse system for orders, which calculates the dimensions of the packaging required for each and every order. This ensures we are following packaging guidelines and also reduces the amount of packaging sent out for each order.

Ebuyer encourages its couriers to follow the same system. This ensures that all our orders shipped out by Ebuyer and on behalf of Ebuyer are to the same standard.


We have set up an email service whereby customers can report either orders, or specific items, that they feel have been over packaged. Ebuyer will investigate all complaints and contact the necessary supplier or manufacturer to encourage them to adopt packaging procedures that we use.

The customer is updated throughout this process.

If you feel there has been excess packaging used for the delivery of your order please contact


If you feel there has been excess packaging used for the specific product you have received, please contact


Please provide the following details in the email:

  • Order Number
  • Description of the item (include item code)
  • Reason you feel the item / order was over packaged.

We will provide you with a reply within 14 days.

For more general information about recycling, you can visit www.wasteconnect.co.uk.