Gainward Graphics Cards

Gainward has long been one of the most powerful manufacturer brands in the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) industry and has been the recipient of many industry and media awards for the quality of its products, as well as the design and innovation techniques used in its products and manufacturing processes. In the last 18 years, Gainward has risen to become the number 1 producers of graphics accelerators in Taiwan. The Gainward brand name has come to symbolize the fact that success depends on constant research and innovation to maintain cutting edge technology. They are among the top producers of ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards.

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Gainward NVIDIA Graphics Cards

Gainward's NVIDIA graphics cards are based on NVIDIA chipsets that cover the entire range from entry level, right up to the ultra-fast Geforce 200 line-up. Gainward's NVIDIA graphics cards are manufactured to the NVIDIA ISO 9001 certified manufacturing process and quality management.