about samsung

A global leader in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media for over 70 years, Samsung delivers innovative, reliable products for everyone with the aim of enriching peoples' lives. Samsung's range available on Ebuyer.com includes everything for mobile computing, from laptops to netbooks and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We also have monitors and TVs. The Samsung televisions collection showcases just why the brand is a global leader in advanced technologies with Smart TVs and the Samsung 3D TV. You'll also find a choice of Samsung printers, internal hard drives and a mix of products designed for businesses.

samsung laptops

The comprehensive Samsung laptops range provides a huge variety of specifications to meet everyone's needs. You'll find high specification laptops that are ideal for both gamers and those who enjoy watching HD quality films and DVDs on the move, as well as standard options and business laptops designed for use in and out of the office. Look out for key features such as exceptional graphics performance, full sized numeric keypads and powerful processors.

Often desktops are chosen over laptops for their larger screen size, mouse and keyboard. But Samsung laptops will plug into your large computer monitor or even a TV, so whether you want use a laptop whilst travelling, whilst away from home, or even whilst sat in front of the TV then you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Multimedia laptops

For those who demand more from their laptop than word processing, email and web browsing a Samsung multimedia laptop will not disappoint. High definition multimedia interfaces allow for the sharpest images and best visual quality possible today to be enjoyed by all. With high specification HD graphics cards, large screen sizes and with surround sound speakers, this range of Samsung laptops is ideal for film fanatics, gamers and those who just appreciate using their laptop to enjoy the odd song or YouTube video.

Samsung Laptops for Business

Professionals may be enticed by Samsung's business laptops range. Samsung has incorporated extensive communication capability including built in Bluetooth and webcam along with Wi-Fi. Samsung business laptops come with large memory capacity. However, many models offer memory expandability, allowing the memory capacity to be increased significantly, simply with the purchase and plug in of a memory card. With screen sizes available of up to 15.6, wide viewing angles and vibrant displays Samsung laptops meet business needs at highly competitive prices.

samsung netbooks

If multimedia is not high on your list of priorities, then Samsung's range of Netbooks may provide a more suitable specification for your laptop needs. These stylish and compact netbooks are ideal for those who travel regularly. Samsung netbooks suit the fast paced lives of students and business people alike. Your Samsung netbook will keep you connected to your social networks, or business engagements, wherever they may be.

Compared to laptops, Samsung netbooks are lighter, more compact and simpler to use. At the forefront of the netbook market, Samsung's stylish products do not fail to disappoint in terms of price.

samsung televisions

3D TVs

Samsung's 3D TVs bring you a whole new dimension of visual entertainment. 'Real life' images offer outstanding picture quality, amazing depth and brilliant colours thanks to Samsung's 3D Hyper Real Engine, present on its 3D TV collection. Enjoy an immersive experience and a host of possibilities.

Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs let you get more from your TV set and stream content from the internet whenever you want. As well as easy access to Samsung Apps, which is a growing collection of apps built specifically for your TV, you'll also be able to connect to a variety of content including BBC iplayer, Love Film and YouTube. The Samsung Smart TV also lets you keep up to date with friends and family via Skype, Facebook and Twitter, so you'll never miss out. Samsung's Smart Hub also gives you access to various apps while watching live TV.


Choose from this stylish range of Samsung LED TVs here on Ebuyer. The brand's LED backlit TVs bring amazing image quality, with a greater level of contrast ratio than LCD TVs. Samsung's LED TVs also use considerably less energy than your LCD TV, so you can watch all your favourite films knowing you're doing something for the environment! You'll find sizes ranging from 32 inches to 42 inches and a selection of 3D and Smart TVs.


From 19 inches to 40 inches and both HD Ready and Full HD, the Samsung LCD TV range offers something for everyone. A brand that you can trust, Samsung not only offers quality, highly reliable LCD TVs but it does so for a highly competitive price. With 10 years of flat screen TV experience Samsung has a wealth of knowledge about your television wants and needs and utilises its experience to produce quality products year after year. If it is quality for your hard earned money that you desire then you cannot go wrong with the Samsung brand and a Samsung LCD TV.

Plasma TVs

If you want the ultimate home entertainment for all your friends and family, look no further than the Samsung Plasma TV. Available in size 59 inches on Ebuyer.com, this TV will deliver stunning design and colour. This TV comes with 2D/3D conversion bringing you total cinema experience. As well as features such as Samsung Digital Noise Filter and 'Movie Mode', this TV plasma TV offers the resolution of standard HD TVs.

samsung monitors

With over 100 Samsung monitors available on Ebuyer.com, you're sure to find exactly what you need. Samsung prides itself on catering for all; from monitors designed to fit snugly into a bedroom to large monitors built to stand at the front of corporate boardrooms. Bedroom or a boardroom, Samsung does not disappoint with its outstanding level of quality. With stylish designs, Samsung monitors offer clear image quality thanks to cutting-edge technology, along with competitive prices.

Take a look at the Design Series. Raising the standards in performance, this series of Samsung monitors lets you enjoy maximum performance with eco savings. Samsung's commitment to saving energy is designed to help both you and the environment, and with up to 50% saving on consumption, you can really make a positive impact on your eco footprint. These monitors feature a stylish and slim crystal design, with brilliant visual performance and stunning LED colour contrast. Multimedia takes on a whole new level of pleasure thanks to this series!

The Essential Series of Samsung monitors provides a high definition multimedia interface and high dynamic contrast ratio plus fast screen response giving you bright and smooth visuals. Enjoy incredible choice in energy and colours to enjoy even the fastest paced film scenes as well as games and internet streamed content to immerse yourself in the action. You'll also notice fine attention to detail no matter what you're watching or viewing.

Samsung Monitors for Business

Samsung's Professional Series of monitors offer you everything you need to work effectively. Whether you are looking for a monitor to impress your clients with multimedia presentations or you are looking to buy a monitor to improve conference call experience a Samsung monitor will look at home in your boardroom. Not only does Samsung offer a great range of monitor sizes but there is also a wide variety of screen resolutions available. The lower end products offer good viewing quality for affordable prices, while more expensive Samsung monitors are ideal for those who undertake CAD, Graphic Design and video editing. You can expect fast screen response, high dynamic resolution and eco-friendly features as standard.

samsung printers

Samsung provides an extensive collection of printers ranging from compact home printers to large multifunction business printers. Whether you require a mono printer, or you need a laser colour printer Samsung is aware of business and home needs alike. With colour devices that now print as quickly as their black and white equivalents Samsung printers have proven their printer technology is among the most innovative in the world today, providing printing solutions for office and family. Only a few years ago printers took up space and time, and due to noise levels would stand out as one of the most noticeable pieces of machinery in the office. However, today, with reduced noise output, compact designs, cost and speed efficient printing and with sleek designs, Samsung printers blend into the background of the office and the home freeing up time and concentration for more important matters.

Samsung Colour Printers

With the ability to print in rich colour to speeds only previously seen with mono printers, the Samsung colour printer range is packed full of functionality, whilst retaining great value for money. Today printing resolutions are higher than ever before and with network ready functionality along with powerful processors and high print speeds Samsung colour printers are more efficient and easier to operate than ever before.

Samsung Mono Printers

Samsung is aware of the need for speed when it comes to black and white printing. Printing costs are often of concern, especially in busy printing environments. For businesses looking to reduce printing costs, without reducing the print volume, Samsung mono printers can reduce toner usage by up to 40%. Along with the toner save function, large paper capacities and efficient print speeds the features provided by Samsung's black and white printer range cannot be ignored.

Samsung All-in-One Printers

Arguably, the most cost-effective business printing solutions are provided by multifunctional and all-in-one printers. Samsung printers combine printing, copying, faxing and scanning capabilities into one machine, which greatly reduces the office space required to house these machines. Samsung all-in-one printers are ideal for shared office use with an array of options and advanced features to choose from.

samsung hard drives

Samsung brings you a huge choice of storage. From internal hard drives to portable drives as well as both Blu-ray and DVD drives. Samsung Portable Hard Disk Drives (HDD) bring you stylish storage that is built to last and ideal for life on the move. Sleek designs won't let you down with a host of colours and designs to choose from and robust casing. Samsung internal hard drives offer a variety of capacity options to suit your needs and support demanding transfer speeds. Choose an internal drive that will fit your netbook, laptop and even your PS3. Enjoy superior multi-tasking abilities. With increased density capacity, as well as improved data processing speeds, the noise generated by hard drives has risen significantly, which can distract you at work or at leisure. Samsung has tackled this problem head on with the development of its NoiseGuard technology. This innovative technology significantly reduces the noise produced by Samsung hard drives, resulting in a quieter computer environment.

samsung smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S II

The award winning Samsung Galaxy S II is the smartphone that is on everyone's wish list. Voted Phone of the year by T3 in its Gadget Awards 2011, this Samsung Android phone is faster, slimmer and brighter than its rivals. It is Samsung's lightest Dual Core smartphone, weighing just 116 grams and the Galaxy S II boasts metallic design with a tactile surface that will sit comfortably in your palm. So what can you do with your Samsung Galaxy S II?

Social Hub

The Social Hub is one convenient contact screen that lets you access your contacts, calendar and email as well as Instant Messaging and Social Networking Sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Readers Hub

The Readers Hub gives you access to over 2.2 million eBooks, over 2,300 Magazines in 22 languages, and over 2000 newspapers in 49 languages.

Music Hub

Have access to all your music collections thanks to Music Hub. An all-in-one music service there are up to 12 million songs for download and purchase.

Game Hub

Download premium HD games in the palm of your hand, plus enjoy access to over 10 social network games with Games Hub. Use Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus display for super-fast response times and outstanding contrast ratio for a dynamic gaming experience that will simply blow your mind.

samsung tablet pcs

Samsung Galaxy Tab

With unlimited access to the internet thanks to Flash 10.1 support, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is all you need in a tablet PC. Thin, fast and light, Samsung Galaxy Tab has a 7" screen, a choice of handheld sizes, and it delivers interactive games, animation, rich internet applications, data presentations, and a wide range of multimedia experiences.

Samsung Galaxy Tab is supported by Androidâ„¢ operating system, and comes with cutting-edge technology to deliver a new world of entertainment and communication in the palm of your hand. As well as intuitive touch screen navigation you'll discover enhanced connectivity, outstanding picture quality and new features such as Live Panels and Mini Apps Tray for effortless fingertip multi-tasking.

Amongst a range of application options is the Readers Hub. Access any number of reading material from books to magazines to newspapers - you'll never be bored again! Simply access whatever you fancy reading with the touch of a fingertip, wherever you are.