About Acer

Stunning visuals, compact stylish design and top-end performance neatly sum up Acer's approach to computers. Whether it is their market leading laptops, reliable desktops or innovative tablet PCs, Acer machines always rank highly in their class and offer incomparable value-for-money.

But it isn't just in computer technology that Acer have made their mark. In fields as diverse as projectors and smartphones Acer produce some amazing devices. All of which you can find right here on

Acer have rapidly evolved into one of the leading technology manufacturers with a range of devices that are perfectly suited to both home and business users. And, whichever Acer device you choose, you are assured of both quality and reliability as well as mouth-watering low prices.

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Windows Tablets

Android Tablets

For the ultimate in convenient and portable computing try an Acer tablet PC. Easy to carry with top level specification and packed with features and functionality Acer tablet PCs deliver great performance. And, with high resolution screens producing crystal clear images, they are great for viewing movies, surfing the web or finishing off that important document or email.

Choose between either handheld devices or 'switch' machines with detachable keyboards. Whichever device you choose you will receive a reliable and beautifully designed tablet PC.

And with options for either Windows or Android devices you can choose whichever operating system suits you best – either the Windows we use on our PCs or Android system that we know from our smartphones.

Award winning design help Acer laptops stand out from the crowd. Easy to use and packed with the latest technology they are ideal for education, business and leisure. With reliability and versatility included as standard Acer laptops are designed for mobile workers and people on the go but are equally adept as family machines.

Acer have always offered outstanding value-for-money but they also deliver high performance machines. In fact top-end machines with fast processing power and ultra-bright displays characterise Acer’s approach to portable computing.

For all-purpose laptops it is hard to look further than Acer. Whether you want to write an essay, prepare a spreadsheet or chill out with a movie Acer will have the perfect laptop for you.

Acer desktop PCs encompass entry level machines ideal for the home user right up to high-specification enterprise computers that deliver outstanding performance. Whichever kind of machine you are looking for you will find an Acer PC that fits the bill.

Available as either a tower or in a small form factor case Acer PCs are compact but stylishly designed. They will look great whether in the home or the office.

But it is in their performance that these machines really shine. With fast Intel or AMD processors combined with the latest NVIDIA or Radeon graphics cards Acer desktop PCs deliver everything you need for effortless multitasking.

Whether you are looking for a new PC for the whole family to enjoy or to equip your business consider an Acer computer.

If you have a new PC or just need to reinvigorate an existing machine an Acer monitor will be a great addition. And, from incredible value-for-money 19" screens right up to 27" full HD touchscreen models, you will find the best Acer monitors right here at And all at great prices.

With contemporary styling, high resolution displays and wide viewing angles Acer monitors are easy and comfortable to use. They look equally at home in the office or in any room of the house and are comfortable to view over even the longest of computer sessions.

And, those monitors equipped with touchscreen technology, are fast and responsive and are specifically designed to be used with Windows 8.1.

Many us are now using projectors in the home. But whether you are putting together a cinema system in your living room or are looking for a professional grade projector for your business Acer and Ebuyer have what you need.

Acer's envelope-pushing technology ensures that projected images are bright, sharp and vibrant and optimised for viewing no matter what the size of the room. Acer projectors are easy to use and have plenty of connectivity options to enable multiple devices to be attached. And, with their intuitive controls, they are easy to use.

Dependable and reliable Acer projectors benefit from a long battery life and are eco-efficient with automatic sleep or shutdown as well as a low powered standby mode.