About AF

AF is Europe's leading manufacturer of specialist PC, Office equipment and technology cleaning products and now we're bringing our expertise from the workplace to your home.

Choosing AF means never having to view your computer, tv or games through the fog of finger marks and smears which always seem to find their way onto our screens. Regular, effective cleaning with AF is not only kinder to your eyes, it also enhances the experience of watching films and playing games, protects your equipment and leaves surfaces germ & bacteria free.

View the AF range below. Happy cleaning!

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AF Invertible Sprayduster - 200ml

  • Pure compressed gas
  • Blows dust & debris from inaccessible areas
  • Ideal for use on keyboards, printers, fax machines & computers
  • Non-flammable and invertible for easy access
  • Actuator allows strength of blast to be controlled

AF Foamclene Anti Static Foaming Cleaner - 300ml

  • Foaming cleaner for removing ingrained grease, dust & dirt
  • Non-flammable
  • For use on a variety of products
  • Anti-static properties reduce build up of dust
  • Pleasant lemon perfume

AF Screen-Clene Anti-static screen & filter cleaning wipes

  • Moist anti-static cleaning wipes
  • Fast cleaning, non-smearing formulation, no drying wipe required
  • Non-flammable
  • Use on all CRT glass screens and non-coated filters
  • 100 Pack

AF PC-Clene - pre-impregnated surface cleaning wipes

  • General purpose pre-saturated cleaning wipes
  • Non-flammable
  • Safe to use on plastic casing of monitors, hard drives, printers and keyboards
  • 100 Pack

AF Phone-clene Telephone Hygiene Wipes

  • Designed for keeping your phone clean
  • Contains strong bactericide
  • Quick and easy to use
  • 100 Pack

AF Isoclene Pre Saturated Wipes

  • IPA (Isopropanol) wipes
  • For sanitising surfaces, leaves no residue
  • Ideal for use with any hard surface
  • 100 Pack

AF Multi-Screen Clene - 200ml with Large micro fibre cloth

  • Universal screen cleaner in a 200ml pump bottle.
  • Safe to use on ALL types of screen
  • Large micro-fibre cloth leaves surfaces shiny & smear free.

AF Smart-Clene Universal Cleaner

  • A universal cleaner
  • Suitable for hand held gaming consoles, MP3 players, mobile phones or touch screen devices
  • Impregnated wipes in a handy re-sealable flat pack
  • Safe for use on screens and provides a clean, germ free finish
  • 20 Pack