Take your media with you wherever you go with iPod. From the Touch to the Shuffle there is an iPod to suit your needs and lifestyle. Portable and brilliantly engineered the iPod blends eye catching design with flawless technology. And the user experience is enhanced even further by the Apple Earpods. The perfect way to listen to your music.

iPod Touch

The flagship model the iPod Touch is so much more than just a portable media player. Made from the same anodised aluminium that Apple use for their MacBook's the Touch is very light and made in a range of vibrant colours.

The iPod Touch has a 4 inch Retina display on which movies and TV programmes are shown with amazing clarity. Use the screen to view your favourite photos. And take your own with the 5 megapixel iSight camera. You can then edit and improve your images using the photo app.

With plenty of on-board storage, and much more available with iCloud, you can have access to your entire playlist of songs and videos. And with the stunning audio quality of the Touch you can immerse yourself in sound. And everything you want to do with your iPod Touch is made easy with the iOS 7 operating system.

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iPod Classic

As the name suggests. Simply a classic piece of design. But that isn't all of course. With a huge 16gb of storage (enough to hold 40000 songs or hundreds of videos) this iPod will keep you entertained all day long.

But to think that the iPod Classic is simply a media player would be wrong. The Classic has loads of features to make it a true entertainment centre.

Sync your iPod Classic to iTunes and Genius will create mixes and playlists for you with just a few clicks. Or use the handy click wheel to cycle through and choose your content.

The 2.5 inch screen is perfect for watching movies when you are on the move and with thousands of films to choose from in the iTunes store you will never be short of choice.

Don't fancy a movie? Play one of the addictive games that is bundled with the Classic or just browse your photo collection to rekindle a few pleasant memories. That's the iPod Classic.

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iPod Nano

The thinnest iPod Apple have ever produced. The size of a credit card yet with a bright and vibrant 2.5 inch screen. The iPod Nano is light as a feather yet packed chock full of features.

With simple touch commands and sensitive buttons the Nano is easy to use. A few taps allows you to browse your music or use Genius to create a mix of songs for you.

All your iTunes content is available to you so you can watch movies or TV shows on the small but bright screen. And if you aren't in the mood to watch a video you can listen to the built-in FM radio with live pause.

Of course the great thing about the iPod Nano is its portability. Its size makes it perfect for when you are jogging or working out. And, with the built-in Bluetooth, it is easy and convenient to use when you are on the move.

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iPod Shuffle

Want an easy to use music player that is portable, well designed and with enough storage for hundreds of songs? The Shuffle, the smallest and cheapest iPod, is the one you need.

Weighing less than half an ounce the iPod Shuffle can clip to your belt, jacket, backpack or pocket so you can take it anywhere.

The large clickable control pad makes using the device simple and you can use it to select, play and pause your tunes. Play songs in order, have the Shuffle choose tracks at random or have Genius mix a playlist for you.

Of course, it wouldn't be an Apple iPod if it didn't look terrific. And the iPod Nano is available in a range of vivid colours. And, naturally enough, the sound quality is superb producing a big sound from this little box of tricks.

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