Upholding the ROG Gaming Legacy

Intel® Ethernet. LANGuard. GameFirst III
Best gaming networking. This is game networking taken to the next level. This is ROG.

SupremeFX and Sonic Radar II
Best gaming audio. New improved onboard audio that’s beyond compare.

KeyBot and TrueVolt USB
Best gaming interface. Instant keyboard upgrade and rock-steady 5V USB supply.

One Click, Total System Optimisation

5-Way Optimisation
One click gets robust overclocking, energy savings, digital power, customised fan control and tailored networking and audio settings.

Turbo App, Turbo LAN & Crystal Sound 2
Overclock your CPU, prioritise game data across your network and optimise the audio settings for clear audio and in-game-chat.

ASUS HomeCloud with 802.11ac
Access your PC remotely, stream movies to wherever you want, and manage all your stuff from anywhere - no matter where it’s stored.

Looks TUF. Performs Tougher.

Thermal Armour with Flow Valve
Onboard cover optimises airflow to boost heat dissipation.

TUF Fortifier
Improves rigidity and cooling behind the board.

Thermal Radar 2
TUF exclusive software for customised fan tuning and complete system cooling.