Sonic Radar

Scan and detect to dominate with Sonic Radar which is dedicated to FPS gamers by providing a stealthy overlay that reveals your enemies position. Gunshots, footsteps and call outs will appear with precise directions via the on-screen radar.




Increase your speed with ROG RAMDisk which reserves a part of system RAM as a virtual drive to significantly speed up loading times of any game. RAMDisk can access an entire game providing an experience which is seamless and results in better performance.

  • Fully utilize every bit of your RAM
  • Speed up gaming loading time
  • No need to reinstall the entire game


Extreme Engine Digi+ III

Hard-core power is delivered with exclusively engineered premium components. Totally digital CPU/memory voltage regulations now enable industry leading voltage control on a true manual level so you can pinpoint tuning accurately with the optimum power effieiency!



SSD Secure Erase

Secure Erase is the best removal method to completely overwrite all data on an SSD to recover lost performance on systems.



**Be advised that some features are subject to specific models