Back to School 2016

Back to School | Desktop Offers

With access to computers limited at most schools and colleges having a desktop PC at home will be a great help to students of all ages. Ideal for homework and as a study aid a new desktop PC will help your child to the top of the class.

Look out for machines that have sufficient power to perform the tasks that the child will ask of it. Older students may need extra processing power to handle photo editing whilst a younger child may only need basic word processing and internet access. But it may be worthwhile considering a higher spec so that once homework is done for the day the student can either watch a movie or do some basic gaming.

A concern often expressed about desktop machines is that traditionally they take up a lot of space in the home but if you do have limited room consider a small form factor PC. These desktops are more compact than full sized tower units but deliver equal performance.

Desktop PCs are much more affordable than they once were and here at Ebuyer we have some high specification machines at unbeatable prices.