orcam myeye glasses

OrCam MyEye sees more than ever

MyEye, the artificial vision device from OrCam, is receiving an upgrade.  OrCam are releasing new software to coincide with National Eye Health Week. OrCam launched MyEye in the United States in 2015.  Children as well ...
netgear orbi

A look at the Orbi Wi-Fi system

This post is sponsored by NETGEAR Orbi is a new Wi-Fi system from NETGEAR which promises to deliver blistering speeds.  No matter how many devices are connected to your network.  NETGEAR have developed a system ...
Arlo netgear full system

All about Arlo

This post is sponsored by NETGEAR Whether you are at home, at work or travelling you need the reassurance which comes with knowing our loved ones and possessions are safe and secure.  In today’s world ...
working with a laptop

Full-fibre broadband

Have you won the postcode lottery? The government have announced six pilot areas in the UK will be the first to receive full-fibre broadband. £10million will be spent linking businesses, schools, and hospitals to the ...
burger king sign

Would you like currency with that?

Burger King have launched a crypto-currency in Russia.  The currency, appropriately called WhopperCoin, converts burgers into cyber coins.  Whenever a hungry Russian buys a burger they receive one WhopperCoin for every Rouble they spend. By ...
New electric post office truck

Postman Pat 2.0

London posties, they may not all be called Pat, are getting a new fleet of electric vehicles.  And they are seriously cool. The futuristic postal trucks look amazing and are made by Arrival.  Formerly known ...
students using smartphone sat in park

Best apps for students

For studying, socialising, traveling and eking out your student loan The average student will have a smartphone stuffed to the gills with apps.  But which are the best ones to get you through uni?  Here ...
car in automatic carwash

Stick to the hand wash

Beware of the killer car wash Anything which is connected to the internet is open to being hacked but a demonstration at Black Hat (think Ted Talks for hackers) has potentially opened up a whole ...
Gamers at insomnia

Eat, Sleep, Game, Repeat

A History of Insomnia Sonisphere, Knebworth, 2009. That’s when I lost my festival virginity. I was such an impressionable young soul back then, so pure and full of wonder. I can clearly remember how Linkin ...
airplane with no drones warning sign

Droning on about safety

After several near misses and incidents involving drones and aircraft a report by the Department for Transport (DfT) has made several proposals to register and control the use of drones.  But, the drone manufacturers have ...
women using laptop

Choosing a new laptop?

Why buy a laptop? With so many options for portable computing why would you buy a new laptop?  Wouldn’t you be better off with a shiny new tablet PC or even a smartphone?  Well, it ...


The IoT is constantly expanding, with more and more Smart products hitting the shelves every day. There are devices beyond your wildest imagination; Smart egg trays which notify you when you’re on the verge of ...
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