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Internet kills the Yellow Pages

Do you remember when the Yellow Pages was a huge tome you could hardly lift?  When plumbers and taxi businesses prefixed their name with AAA? When you let your fingers do the walking?

old yellow pages

Now the Yellow Pages is a booklet compared to its glory days.  After all, who needs a phone book now?

Yell have recognised the inevitable.  After over 50 years of publishing time, and the internet, has caught up with the yellow book.

It is be published for the final time in January 2019.

Something else happened in 1966?

Brighton was the first town to receive a Yellow Pages in 1966.  The familiar yellow book quickly became an institution.  2018 will see 104 editions published.

The publishing cycle will be complete in 2019.  When, fittingly, Brighton will receive the last ever Yellow Pages.

phone on yellow pages

TV advertising

Everyone will remember the Yellow Pages TV advertising.  J.R. Hartley was the famous face of the Yellow Pages in the 1980s.  And who could forget the catchy ‘Let your fingers do the walking’ tune?

Formerly an indispensable book everyone kept by their phone, the Yellow Pages is a relic of a bygone age.

Publishers Yell are now transforming exclusively to digital.

The official line

Richard Hanscott, CEO of Yell said: ‘‘After 51 years in production Yellow Pages is a household name and we’re proud to say that we still have customers who’ve been with us from the very first Yellow Pages edition in 1966.

“How many brands can say they’ve had customers with them for over 50 years?”

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