Microsoft Project: a must have for project managers

FUN FACT: The idea for Microsoft Project originated from the vision of Ron Bredehoeft in the 1980’s. Ron’s vision was to express the recipe and all preparation for a breakfast of eggs Benedict in project management terms. He knew if he created a program that could do that, it would have the scope to digest […]

Top 5 Mums in Tech

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, a time to appreciate the most influential lady in our lives. It has also been a time, as of late, when women have been rallying for their rights all over the world in wake of President Trump’s first full day of administration. Tying these two events together, Ebuyer takes a […]

How has tech changed motherhood? Gadgets ‘n’ all

We’ve all been in the supermarket and gawped in disbelief as a toddler has passed by in a pushchair, content with IPhone 7 in hand (while we’re still using the 6). Whether they are playing games, watching cartoons or simply click-happy, they appear to be far more digitally aware than ourselves. It’s a weird and […]

Mother’s Day: where it all began

History is steeped with crazy people who did crazy things, but many of their names and traditions still live on and are practiced today. Anna Jarvis, the woman behind the inception of Mothering Sunday over a century ago, was one of those people. Born in West Virginia, Anna Jarvis was distraught when her lovely mother […]

Microsoft Visio Demystified

Have you ever tried to create a flow chart such as a family tree using Paint or Microsoft word? A lot of us have, and have quickly come to the realisation that it’s utterly impractical – the connecting lines go skew-whiff and won’t sit flush with the shapes, everything needs its format altering to ‘tight’ […]

Eye Tracking: how does it work and what can it ...

Eye Tracking: how does it work and what can it do? Eye tracking still sounds clinically futuristic. Motion sensing technology has been widely commercialized in devices such as Wii Fit’s, FitBit’s and smart home motion detectors, yet eye tracking still screams ‘Back to the Future’ or ‘Scotland Yard’ for some reason – perhaps as a […]

How is technology changing the classroom?

How is technology changing the classroom? What is the next advancement in educational technology? The classroom is evolving at a rapid pace. Less than twenty years ago, blackboards and chalk were a teachers sole educational tools. Then came overhead projectors, universal internet access, smart boards, laptops and tablets. Nowadays it is not unusual for children […]

Top 10 valentine’s gifts under £100 for tech boyfriend

Top ten valentine’s gifts under £100 for your tech-savvy boyfriend <3 February 14th will soon be upon us and we females are as mind-boggled as ever when it comes to buying for our special someone’s. Sure, we’ve all been dropping hints since the new year about perfumes, swanky restaurants and designer brands (none of which […]

What is IoT?

Everyone is talking about IoT…but what exactly is it? IoT is an acronym for ‘the Internet of Things’. ‘Things’, as I’m sure you may have thought, does not sound particularly tech savvy compared to many of the world’s current pioneering technologies, however I assure you that IoT is the omnipotent master of all devices. So […]

The Evolution of the Lightbulb

Evolution of the Lightbulb The lightbulb, which we now look upon in our brightly lit, energy guzzling homes as the simplest of all technologies, embarked upon a journey of many light-years to get where it is today. Ever since the dawn of time, man has instinctively urged to illuminate the world around him. “Why?” you […]