flippy putting burger on bun

Flippy the burger flipping robot

This is Flippy.  Flippy is a burger flipping robot which cooks a perfect patty every time.  After a successful trial the robot will now be set to work in 50 CaliBurger fast food restaurants in 2018. Flippy’s official title is ‘robotic kitchen assistant’. Inventors, Miso Robotics, are keen to point out Flippy works alongside humans.  […]
artificial intelligence brain

The Lords and artificial intelligence

The relentless advance of artificial intelligence has caught the attention of the UK parliament.  A House of Lords Select Committee will consider the social, ethical, and economic impact of AI.  The Committee is due to report in March 2018.  But they have already begun gathering evidence. It is probably fair to say as many people […]
orcam myeye glasses

OrCam MyEye sees more than ever

MyEye, the artificial vision device from OrCam, is receiving an upgrade.  OrCam are releasing new software to coincide with National Eye Health Week. OrCam launched MyEye in the United States in 2015.  Children as well as adults can use the device. What can it do? MyEye can read any printed or digital text.  It can […]
battered yellow pages

Internet kills the Yellow Pages

Do you remember when the Yellow Pages was a huge tome you could hardly lift?  When plumbers and taxi businesses prefixed their name with AAA? When you let your fingers do the walking? Now the Yellow Pages is a booklet compared to its glory days.  After all, who needs a phone book now? Yell have […]
big data going underground

Big data is going underground

Some of us are weary of big data.  However it may soon be helping us get around the tube more quickly. Transport for London have just published a report on a pilot scheme which took place between November and December 2016. By collecting Wi-Fi data from customer’s mobile devices TfL were able to track their […]
street view car in paris

Google Street View upgrade

Planning a holiday?  Chances are you will be spending a lot of time on Google Street View. As you will be if you are planning a shopping trip, looking for the best place to park or visiting a new venue for a gig. There can’t be many of us who don’t use Street View.  If […]
Arlo netgear full system

All about Arlo

This post is sponsored by NETGEAR Whether you are at home, at work or travelling you need the reassurance which comes with knowing our loved ones and possessions are safe and secure.  In today’s world it is natural to feel some anxiety about security.  But, a robust and high-performance home security system like NETGEAR’s Arlo […]
baseball glove and bat

It’s just not cricket. Red Sox cheat with Apple ...

In sport teams and players are always looking to gain an advantage.  Some are more devious than others.  Some bend the rules.  Some outright cheat. Cheating in sport is nothing new.  Just look at athletics. Like track and field, professional baseball has suffered in the past from drugs use. But, the latest scandal to hit […]
working with a laptop

Full-fibre broadband

Have you won the postcode lottery? The government have announced six pilot areas in the UK will be the first to receive full-fibre broadband. £10million will be spent linking businesses, schools, and hospitals to the super-fast technology. The experimental rollout began earlier in September.  The six pilot areas are: Aberdeenshire Bristol Coventry & Warwickshire Greater […]
burger king sign

Would you like currency with that?

Burger King have launched a crypto-currency in Russia.  The currency, appropriately called WhopperCoin, converts burgers into cyber coins.  Whenever a hungry Russian buys a burger they receive one WhopperCoin for every Rouble they spend. By scanning their receipt a customer’s purchase will be converted to WhopperCoins.  The coins will then be deposited via an app […]
cyber court with gavel

Cyber courts and online justice

A court trial in the UK, or so I’m reliably informed, involves standing before a geriatric in a dusty wig who sits on an old oak bench and follows an ancient set of rituals.  As Brits we’re supposed to embrace history and the quirky traditions the rest of the world find ‘cute’.  Our archaic legal […]
red trucks

Self-driving trucks: A waste of time?

We’ve talked about driverless buses and even pilotless airliners so we may as well complete the set.  Self-driving trucks are going to be tested on Britain’s roads in 2018.  The tests will look at ‘platooning’ where up to three vehicles travel in convoy. Testing will be carried out by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL).  Initially […]
New electric post office truck

Postman Pat 2.0

London posties, they may not all be called Pat, are getting a new fleet of electric vehicles.  And they are seriously cool. The futuristic postal trucks look amazing and are made by Arrival.  Formerly known as Charge Automotive, Arrival are based in Oxfordshire.  The company have delivered a fleet of nine trucks which will be […]
New Tech
killer robot in bombed out building

Killer Robots and autonomous weapons

Oh heck.  The fears of robophobics everywhere may be about to come true.  Apparently between 10 -20% of people around the world suffer from a fear of robots.  But that number could be about to massively increase if a bunch of boffins are correct. Over 100 leading experts in robotics have written to the United […]
pirate ship

Companies are shipping a fortune to cyber pirates

Piracy on the high seas is as big a threat as ever.  Blackbeard may no longer be yo-ho-hoing across the Caribbean, but shipping is still being targeted by pirates.  Not by crews of brigands sailing galleons and flying the skull and crossbones.  But by sophisticated cyber criminals. Instead of a cutlass the modern day pirate […]

An introduction to desktop PCs

A newbies guide to choosing a desktop PC Why buy a desktop PC? More of us are using laptops and tablets.  But, there are still plenty of good reasons why you should buy a new desktop PC. After all, a PC can offer a much higher specification than a laptop.  Arguable they also provide better […]
students using smartphone sat in park

Best apps for students

For studying, socialising, traveling and eking out your student loan The average student will have a smartphone stuffed to the gills with apps.  But which are the best ones to get you through uni?  Here are a few of our favourite apps for all aspects of student life. Study iStudiez Pro It’s easy to be […]
student fridge

10 rules for sharing a fridge at university

Going to university is a voyage of discovery.  New friends, new experiences and new takeaways.  Sometimes you even learn something too. But it can also be a stressful time.  Will I fit in?  Will I be able to get out of bed in a morning?  Will my student loan last longer than a week? There […]
time to study

10 quick-fire study tips

Come on.  You know at some point you are going to have to study.  When you’ve blown your student loan and tried every item on the takeaway menu.  When you’ve got bored of Homes under the Hammer repeats. Or, maybe you just remember you are supposed to be working towards a qualification.  This is the […]
essential tech for students

7 items of essential tech for students

If you are a student there is some tech you just can’t do without.  With the new academic year fast approaching we’ve picked the essential tech you need.  Whether you’re returning to university, college or sixth form our tech will keep you top of the class.  Possibly. 1)     Laptop Every student needs a laptop.  For […]