A brief guide to printers

The printers used in the workplace and at home today are unrecognisable compared to those of just a few years ago. Technology has advanced so much that high-quality printers, previously only used by businesses, are now available and affordable to anyone. Whether you need a printer for work, for home or for study, and pretty […]
social media dangers

How dangerous is Social Media?

Most of us love social media.  We are constantly on our phones tweeting, updating our status or uploading new photos.  Videos are constantly being made and shared and there isn’t a moment goes by or incident unfolds without someone recording everything and instantly sending it to the world via any number of social media platforms. […]
LFD screen with businessman

Grabbing attention with a Large Format Display

A fully loaded marketing tool LFD’s are everywhere.  Hung on the office wall, beaming out marketing messages in a shopping centre or displaying the half-time scores in a stadium concourse they are all around us. The reason they are so numerous is that, as a marketing tool, they work.  Large Format Screens will instantly grab […]
Ebuyer News
CRN Award Best Marketing Award

Ebuyer Wins Award for Best Marketing Campaign received industry recognition by scooping the prize for Best Marketing Campaign at the prestigious CRN awards held in London.  The company’s innovative smart home campaign featured an interactive web page, magazine advertising and social media giveaways.  Judged by a panel of experts the CRN Sales and Marketing Awards are amongst the most coveted in […]
projector close up

Projecting the right image

Projectors buying guide Fed up of your neighbour boasting about his new 60 inch TV?  Get yourself a projector and not only could your ‘screen’ size be much larger you will have paid considerably less too. Also, thanks to the rapid advances in visual technology, the quality of the images may be as equally good […]
portable hard drive with usb

The case for external storage

External storage is an easy way to add extra capacity to your computer.  Use it to store all your multimedia including movies, photos and music or as a backup device. In this post we will be looking at higher-capacity external hard drives and portable SSDs.  For the purposes of this article we will ignore USB […]
wearable tech logo

Tracking Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is a buzz phrase you can’t fail to have come across.  But, like many technologies we think of as new, wearable tech has been with us since the 1980s. Indeed, you could argue it goes back even further to the days of wearing a pocket watch on a chain.  That all said, it […]

Making smart choices about mobile phones

Buying a new mobile phone is an exciting time, but it can also be a confusing one.  It’s easy to be swept away with all the hype surrounding the launch of a new smartphone but, as there are so many features on each phone, how do you decide which one to opt for? In addition, […]
dram memory module

A memo about PC memory

Confused by memory?  Don’t know your DRAM from your SRAM?  Are you new to the world of RAM?  Not a problem.  Help is at hand. We’ve put together this brief memo to explain the ins and outs of PC memory; what it is, how it can improve your computers performance, and how you can choose […]
businessman shredding documents

To shred or not to shred?

Protect yourself against identity theft and fraud with a shredder The importance of safely disposing of documents is something that most of us are now aware of and a shredder should be an essential item in every office and home. But, just like every other type of tech, there are multiple models out there, so […]
CCTV jargon buster

CCTV Glossary and Jargon Buster

Whenever you’re looking to enter a new technological field, one of the biggest barriers to a complete understanding is the language, the technical terminology, the jargon. At Ebuyer, we like to keep things as simple and straightforward as we can for our customers, so we’ve put together a list of words, phrases and abbreviations that […]
Guide to CCTV

Guide to CCTV

All you need to know about CCTV systems for your home or business It’s been more than seventy years since CCTV or, to give it its full title, closed-circuit television was created as a means of recording rocket launches in Germany. Since then, the technology for remotely capturing the goings on at either one or […]
keyboard and mouse feature image

Keyboard and Mouse Buyers Guide

What should you look for in a keyboard or mouse, and what are your options when it comes to purchasing your next piece of kit? There are plenty of options, but why bother?  Most of us buy a PC with a mouse and keyboard bundled in, so why lay out extra cash to buy more […]
Product Roundups
sat nav in car

Guide to sat navs

The days of struggling with a large paper map when driving and missing the turn-off on the motorway are long gone thanks to sat navs.  It’s fair to say the familiar little box of tricks has become the motorist’s best friend and an indispensable travelling companion. Of course, we have all heard stories of drivers […]
Industry News
computer fails feature image

5 epic computer and software fails

One of the worst IT failures of all time recently stranded thousands of passengers and caused hundreds of flights to be cancelled or delayed as British Airways computer systems crashed.  A power surge was blamed, though some are speculating a clumsy engineer simply pulled out a plug in a datacentre, as flight plans, baggage, crew […]
solid state drive

SSD Buyer’s Guide

Upgrading your PC by adding a Solid State Drive (SSD) is an easy way to boost the performance and reliability of your computer.  Indeed, many new PCs and laptops now include an SSD as standard.  But, why are these drives preferable to the traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD)? What is the difference between SSD and […]
Dubai robocop

Robocop’s on Patrol

Anyone with visions of a dystopian society overrun by maniacal homicidal robots should probably stop reading now.  Robophobics may also prefer to put the kettle on rather than read any further. The world’s first police officer robot has begun to pound a beat in Dubai and it is only the first of many.  The emirate […]
NAS feature image

NAS Buying Guide

With businesses of all sizes becoming more reliant on technology, both in the way they operate and in how they store information, most are now realising the benefit of investing in Network Attached Storage (NAS). With NAS data can be easily stored, shared and secured. Everyone in the business will be able to access the […]
multifunction printers from canon

Why you need a multifunction printer

Need to print out a document, copy an invoice or scan a form?  Maybe even fax a receipt?  But don’t want to buy three or four different devices?  You need a multifunction printer. What is a multifunction printer? A popular choice both at work and at home a multifunction printer (MFP) combines a printer, scanner […]