hpe servers and windows server 2016 the perfect combination

HPE ProLiant and Microsoft Windows Server 2016

There are some combinations which just naturally go together.  Strawberries and cream, wine and cheese or anything and chocolate.  You can also add HPE ProLiant servers and Microsoft Windows Server 2016 to the list. It may not be as exciting on the taste buds as chocolate, but running the best software on the marketing leading […]
cctv warning sign

How POE can protect your business

Whatever your industry or location, it is a sad fact business premises need to be fully secured against unwelcome intruders.  An effective, affordable, and more-or-less essential way to do this for businesses of all sizes is with CCTV. The quality of IP cameras and the images they produce is outstanding and they can be used […]
microsoft server 2012 r2 eol

Microsoft Server 2012 R2 End of Life Announcement

Users of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 / Server 2012 R2 should be aware of the products upcoming end of life. Microsoft will stop providing Client Access Licences for sale on March 31, 2017 though they will still be available from Ebuyer until the current stock is exhausted.  Microsoft support for CALs will continue as normal. […]
data protection feature image

The difference between GDPR and DPA

May 2018 will see a major sea change in data protection laws as GDPR is ushered into being. The European wide General Data Protection Regulations will replace the current UK Data Protection Act.  GDPR provides more comprehensive and far-reaching criteria for businesses to adhere too. You can read more about the introduction of GDPR here […]
monitor buying guide feature image

Monitors Buying Guide

Although we spend a lot of time deciding which PC to buy we don’t seem to put half as much effort into choosing a monitor.  Which is a little strange as we all spend many hours staring at our screens.  So it makes complete sense to ensure we choose the best possible display. However, there […]
nba 2k eleague

eSports joins the big leagues

Whatever your view on eSports, and there is a very definite split between gamers and those bewildered by the whole phenomenon, there is no denying the worldwide appeal of electronic sports. Gaming tournaments are played out in front of thousands of fans in arenas, with many more watching online.  The top gamers are feted as […]

What is GDPR?

A brief overview of the forthcoming data protection changes May 25th, 2018 will see a seismic shift in data protection with businesses in the UK required to comply with a whole raft of new regulations.  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace the current Data Protection Act (DPA) and seeks to unify data regulations within […]
How To
parental controls in windows 10

How to set up parental controls in Windows 10

The internet can be a wonderful educational tool as well as providing so much fun and interactive leisure activities for children.  However, most parents are rightly worried about some of the content their children may be exposed to on the web and want to keep them safe online. An effective safeguard which all parents can […]
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parental controls in youtube and netflix

How to set up parental controls on YouTube and Netflix

Kids love to watch YouTube.  There is so much great content for them to see including their favourite TV shows, cartoon characters, and educational videos.  The issue, of course, is there is also plenty of inappropriate content which youngsters shouldn’t be viewing. Unfortunately, even when watching age-appropriate content children can be exposed to unsuitable videos […]
keep fit wearable technology

It’s that time of the year again

It seems to be imprinted in our DNA that every January we vow to work off the Christmas excess by dieting and exercising. No sooner has the sound of jingle bells faded do we start eating like emancipated rabbits and embark on a training regime which would put an Olympic athlete to shame. Of course, […]

What is a Gaming Chair?

Gaming isn’t just about what’s on screen. To get the best and most immersive gaming experience you need to create the ideal environment.  That includes your rig, the lighting, the sound and…..the chair. The gaming chair is so important.  After all you spend a long time sat in the thing so it needs to be […]

Why businesses need security on their printers

Businesses spend a lot of time, money, and energy on making sure their network is protected and sensitive data secured.  Computers have the latest security packages installed and the network itself is encrypted and hidden behind firewalls. Which is just as it should be.  Unfortunately, many businesses have a soft underbelly when it comes to […]

An Old Git looks back at Christmas toys

Can we establish some ground rules before we start? At this time of year you will see a number of ‘Christmas presents in days gone by’ articles on various websites.  They are usually ‘written’ by 19-year-old interns who type ‘best toys in 1950’ into Google and then list the results.  They then dig into the […]

An Old Git Looks Back at Gaming

I couldn’t help it.  I was stood at the self-service checkout in Asda.  Two sales assistants were, as is their wont, stood around having a chat, blithely ignoring the howls of frustration from customers and the “sorry I didn’t recognise that item” mantra from the ‘fast lane’ tills. “What’s this Pokémon Go thing then?” “It’s […]

Top 10 Christmas TV Specials

They are as much a part of a traditional British Christmas as rubbish presents, family gatherings, and grandma drinking Advocaat.  Since the 1950s the TV special has been a staple on Christmas Day with families gathering around the telly with a cold turkey sandwich, warm mince pie, and a glass of sherry.  Eagerly awaiting the […]

An Old Git Looks Back At Tech

As the only old guy in the office, positive discrimination in action, I’ve been patronisingly chosen to pen this article looking back at technology.  Which is fair enough really… …Born on the cusp of the baby boomer generation, though it’s being more bust than boom for me, I’ve seen plenty of technological breakthroughs from men […]

Video Conference Tech For Small Businesses

It used to be the case that any kind of business meeting would involve delegates trooping into a room and settling down around a table with note pads, flip charts and a plate of doughnuts.  Nothing wrong with doughnuts of course but getting everyone in the same place at the same time could be a […]

Pet Tech

There is no doubt that we are a nation of pet lovers.  Domesticated animals of all types and sizes are spoilt rotten by their indulgent owners. Dogs and cats are dressed up in designer finery and visit beauty salons.  Guinea pigs and rabbits live in gilded palaces compared to the small, draughty hutches they were […]

Top 10 Christmas Songs

It’s the great guessing game that happens every year: what will be the number one in the charts this Christmas?  Since the advent (pun intended) of Simon Cowell and production line ‘pop’ it’s usually some failed karaoke singer from The Dog & Duck that takes the coveted number one slot and, it has to be […]

Top Ten Christmas Movies

It’s that time of the year again. Turkey, tinsel, excruciating family gatherings and Cliff Richard on a never-ending loop in every department store. Yep, it’s Christmas. A chance to over indulge with food, wine and the credit card. But it’s also an opportunity to be a bit sentimental and watch a Christmas movie or two. […]