Office 2007 is being officially retired

What does Office 2007 retiring mean? Office 2007 is ending “extended support” on October 10, 2017. After that time, there will no longer be security updates, so customers should upgrade to avoid being vulnerable to new security risks. What options are available for individual or home users? Office 2016 is a one-time purchase is more […]
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retro reboot

Retro Reboot

Some pieces of tech are unforgettable, and with the relaunch of the Nokia 3310 stirring up some seriously nostalgic feelings, we were curious to find out exactly what retro gadgets tech fans across the UK were hoping would also make a comeback. Surveying over 2,000 tech lovers, we discovered that it was the Motorola Razr, […]

The Evolution of Special Effects

Special effects in movies are astonishing, leaving us sometimes baffled as to when CGI begins and ends.  In a homage to the movie industry we’ve put together an infographic into how your favourite films come to life with the evolution of special effects. Enjoy.
3d styler pen flower

The 3D styler pen – a buyer’s guide

What’s a 3D pen? A 3D pen uses plastic in the way a normal pencil or pen uses lead and ink. Fed down the middle of the instrument the hard plastic filament is heated until soft and expelled from the nib. This leads to endless possibilities – at least until you run out, to mould […]
world book day

The Evolution of Ebooks

Nothing brings together the timeless pleasure of reading with the lustre of shiny new gadgetry quite like an eBook. Here’s a visual guide to this relatively modern phenomenon, which has actually been around a lot longer than you’d think. How have eReaders changed? Who first came up with the idea? How does eInk work? Are […]
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Storage Buying Guide

There are lots of products designed to store your media files, applications and operating systems.  Depending on your needs, choose from SD cards, USB flash drives, solid state drives or hard drives.  “I want to speed up my PC” One of the best ways to speed up a PC is by installing a solid state […]

Tech in the NFL

It’s nearly NFL time once again! With the Superbowl closing in on the horizon it’s about time we all got into the American football spirit and what better way than to take a look at the technology behind the biggest show on earth!    

Data Privacy – how will the changes affect you?

Data Privacy – how will the changes affect you? Just how much of your information can be accessed, bought, and sold by strangers? The answer of course should be none. Organisations have a duty of care to their customers to protect sensitive data from unapproved third parties. All UK businesses including Ebuyer abide by the […]

Accounting software for business

There is no doubt keeping the books has changed over the years. Legions of clerks behind large desks scratching figures into huge dusty ledgers was once the norm. Time then moved on to accountants with green visors and armbands cranking out figures on large calculating machines.   Of course, the modern reality is much different.  […]

How to shop for a geek

‘Tis the time of year to wrack your brains and work out what gifts your nearest and dearest might actually want- and no creature is more difficult to buy for than the geek. Sure they’ll say “just buy me anything”, but you know that won’t work, this very specific breed of techie wants a product […]

The Best Games of 2016

2016 has been another exciting and budget-busting year for gaming, if not a little erratic… From a summer Pokemon craze to a mammoth, yet majestic, space flop with No Man’s Sky and additions to the long line of legacy titles like Battlefield and Uncharted we’ve been given the usual ups and downs expected from an […]

A Guide to AES Keyboards

Have you ever wondered how safe your wireless transmissions actually are, more specifically how secure are your keystrokes are? In today’s mobile world, more and more people are using wireless technology to input data in a wide variety of platforms. From PCs to tablets and phones, wireless technology is everywhere. As you type, huge amounts […]

Tech to stay safe on the road

The roads can a wild place, especially as winter approaches. Taking advantage of modern technology and the extra safety it can bring, could be the difference between a safe journey and something far more serious. If you’re a driver, a pedestrian or a cyclist just a little technology could help you improve your safety on […]

Microsoft Price Hike – What does it mean for you?

Microsoft recently announced that from January 2017 they will be increasing their pricing for customers by 13% for on-premise enterprise software and 22% for enterprise cloud. In a statement released on their website Microsoft explain “We periodically assess the impact of local pricing of our products and services to ensure there is reasonable alignment across […]

Microsoft stop Windows 7 & 8 sales to OEMs

Microsoft has officially shut down its sales of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to OEMs. For retailers, resellers and business, this means that all new PCs and laptops coming onto the market from 2016 onwards will have the latest Microsoft operating system installed, with no option to downgrade to an earlier version. The US software […]

How to set up a NAS drive

Looking at making the move from traditional HDD backups to NAS storage or need some advice on the best way to set up your networked storage device? Well, check out our simple guide to setting up a NAS drive. In this video guide from our Business Solutions expert Guy Drury, we take a look at how to […]

VR and the real world

VR and the Real World- How Virtual is Impacting the Physical From bulky group arcade machines back in the nineties to the compact headsets you see in shops today, people revel in the immersive experience and added entertainment value Virtual Reality brings to their favourite games. But over the last decade people have really started […]
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On Test: Keyboards

We spend so much time and energy pounding away on a keyboard, yet most of us seem to devote little consideration in choosing the best piece of kit for the task. Yet a comfortable and responsive keyboard is a must for anyone who spends any length of time on a computer.  Here, for our OnTest […]

Comic Books vs Movies

Nothing is more likely to divide opinion than a discussion on comics (OK maybe politics, religion…) so I thought I’d be the one to get you shouting at a blog post! With the onslaught of movies being released it could be argued that we’re living in the golden age of comic book adaptations. However, they’re […]

How to fix up your uni house on a budget

Summer holidays are almost over and university is just around the corner. Whether you’re living in halls or moving into a house with friends this year, you’ll need the right devices to protect and enhance your tech at your new address – at the right price! We’ve put together a list of those pesky problems […]