Accounting software for business

There is no doubt keeping the books has changed over the years. Legions of clerks behind large desks scratching figures into huge dusty ledgers was once the norm. Time then moved on to accountants with ...

How to set up a NAS drive

Looking at making the move from traditional HDD backups to NAS storage or need some advice on the best way to set up your networked storage device? Well, check out our simple guide to setting up a ...
Microsoft MVL feature

Guide to Microsoft Software Licensing

Microsoft Volume Licensing  It is a fair assumption that any business which has multiple employees using computers will be reliant on Microsoft software and their online services.  After all, products such as Office and Windows ...
4k lfd feature

4K Large Format Displays

Large Format Displays, the mainstay of businesses, schools and leisure facilities have advanced in the last few year thanks to the influx of high-definition displays.  4K HD has allowed these LFD monitors to keep up ...
UPS eco mode feature


Uninterrupted Power supply (UPS) systems can be the perfect safety blanket for business when it comes to protecting their IT infrastructure but they also be used to save money. From protecting against surges and loss ...
cloud jargon buster header

Cloud Computing Jargon Buster

The Cloud, data on-demand, online storage… however you look at it ‘Cloud Data’ is all around us. If you’re hooked up to the internet in some way (which we assume you are reading this) you ...
office 2016 business feature

Office 2016 for Business

Microsoft Office, it’s been the backbone of businesses worldwide for nearly 25 years and its newest incarnation, Office 2016, is set to take its place as workplace staple. Office has been such a staple of ...
hp next gen printer

HP New Generation Laserjet

HP’s new line of LaserJet printers has been designed with three principles in mind: Smaller, Faster and Cheaper. The next generation of LaserJets are suited for a range of printing environments from the home office ...
graphics tablet business

Graphics Tablets for Business

Graphics tablets, one of the finest digital companions for budding artists and content creators worldwide, revolutionising the way designers transfer drawings, images and notes from pen to PC. But how do graphics tablets fit into ...

Why your business needs a server

Think of servers, and you’ll probably dismiss them as only required to manage corporations and large businesses. On the contrary, the server should form the backbone of any small business worth its salt. Regardless of ...
sage auto enrollment feature

Tackling Auto Enrolment like a winner

Auto Enrolment legislation means a fundamental change to workplace pensions for small business owners. As part of the government’s campaign to ensure UK employees are adequately prepared for retirement, the scheme will combat the demographic and ...
UPS for business feature

UPS for Business

As more applications, devices and systems are added to a network, your businesses dependence on distributed power and reliable computing escalates. This need for a consistent, simple to use and monitorable power supply is now ...