What is a Gaming Chair?

Gaming isn’t just about what’s on screen. To get the best and most immersive gaming experience you need to create the ideal environment.  That includes your rig, the lighting, the sound and…..the chair. The gaming ...

The Best Games of 2016

2016 has been another exciting and budget-busting year for gaming, if not a little erratic… From a summer Pokemon craze to a mammoth, yet majestic, space flop with No Man’s Sky and additions to the ...

What’s next for VR?

The era of virtual reality is with us… again… with a number of big-brand devices launched and launching in 2016, this year could be seen as the breakthrough VR needed. From the high-end PlayStation VR, ...

How to get involved with esports

It’s a question we’ve been asked hundreds of times over the years… How exactly do you get involved in competitive gaming / esports? With the sport growing from a bedroom hobby to a multi-billion pound, global enterprise, ...
ebuyer and fmesports logo

Ebuyer Announce Esports deal

We are delighted to announce a partnership deal with one of the UK’s leading eSports teams-  FMESPORTS. It will be Ebuyer’s first official route into the world of professional eSports. The sponsorship deal which starts ...
e3-logo 2016 sony

Did Sony Shine at E3?

SONY BRING OUT THE WHISTLES & BELLS BUT IS THIS JUST TO COVER THE CRACKS? Following a great showing from Microsoft and Xbox it was time for Sony to step up to the plate and ...
e3-logo 2016 microsoft

Microsoft at E3 2016

Microsoft Wheel Out Big Guns at E3  Day 2 of the E3 gaming conference and Microsoft started their showcase on a sombre note, with a brief tribute to those affected by the tragedy in Orlando, ...
e3-logo 2016

EA Kicks off E3 2016

EA Kicks off E3, Not With a Bang, but More a “meh” Last night we saw the prelude to E3 kick off, with a somewhat muted reception from the gaming community. What was supposed to ...
should twitch be moderated feature

Should Twitch Be Moderated?

Moderation is something that we expect in our everyday lives, constantly. The things that we do and say get moderated in our homes by our parents, partners or children based on how they expect us ...
nvidia new gpu range feature

NVIDIA Launch New Graphics Cards

The GPU. It’s the centre piece of any gamer’s system. It’s the component that takes on the burden of pushing out each individual pixel in their millions at a speed fast enough to make the ...