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esports goes to college

eSports goes to college

The University of Utah has become the latest and most high-profile college in the United States to offer an eSports scholarship programme.  The university, colloquially known as ‘The U’, will field competitive teams in a ...
car in 3d printer

3D printing in the fast lane

For those involved Formula 1 has always been a licence to print money but now McLaren have gone in a completely different direction.  They are printing car parts. Whatever you think of Formula 1, and ...

Microsoft at E3 2016

Microsoft Wheel Out Big Guns at E3  Day 2 of the E3 gaming conference and Microsoft started their showcase on a sombre note, with a brief tribute to those affected by the tragedy in Orlando, ...

EA Kicks off E3 2016

EA Kicks off E3, Not With a Bang, but More a “meh” Last night we saw the prelude to E3 kick off, with a somewhat muted reception from the gaming community. What was supposed to ...
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Microsoft axe Nokia Brand

Microsoft have confirmed their intentions to drop one of the world’s most established brands from their future mobile devices. Nokia, a market leader in the mobile phone sector for decades, is set to be dropped, leaving ...
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CD Ripping is now legal

It was a much flaunted legislation and you may have thought it was already perfectly lawful, but ‘CD ripping’ is now officially legal in the UK. The UK government has finally committed legislation which legalises ...

Gmail detail leaked, Are you safe?

  Gmail users are being advised to update their security details after a database containing both usernames and passwords was hacked and exposed on a Russian website. Just under 5 million Gmail accounts were exposed ...