Stay Secure at Christmas

As the festive season is upon us the influx of new tech, smart devices  and online shopping can open us up to world of cyber danger. From Malware, to phishing scams and ransomware to identity theft, ...

DIY Home Security

As the clocks go back and the evenings become darker earlier, homeowners all across the UK are being warned to heighten the security of their homes. Last year the Crime Survey for England and Wales ...

A Guide to Phishing Scams

October is National Cyber Security Awareness month, so we’ve teamed up with our #TechExperts at Norton to guide you through the world of Phishing and give you the tools to defend against this common scam.   ...
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how safe is public wifi feature

How safe is public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are everywhere. It’s estimated that by 2018 there will be 14m across the UK alone. They’re undeniably useful, giving us free (or cheap, at least) internet access and saving our precious mobile ...
USB Encryption feature

Guide to USB Encryption

Encryption, the process of scrambling data to a level where only  the correct key or device can decrypt the message. Encryption of USB devices is integral in boosting the security process of transferring data and ...
how secure are smartphones feature

How Secure are Smartphones?

Your smartphone, a mini life manager, communication enabler and entertainment hub, the gateway to well… everything (if you have signal), but have you ever wondered how secure your little pocket companion actually is? Think of ...
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tech making crime easier feature

Is Tech Making Crime Easier?

Technology and crime, whether it’s cybercrime or more traditional ‘on the street’ crime, technology and criminal behaviour has always seen an uneasy partnership. Improvements in technology not only make products more desirable but also give criminals the ...
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is smart cctv too intrusive feature

Is Smart CCTV too intrusive?

SMART CCTV & PRIVACY CCTV, long the bane of anti-establishment fighters and privacy advocates, has seen a very firm uplift in the market with the advent of Networked IP Cameras. But has this development to towards ...
is hacking a hobby feature

Is Hacking a Hobby?

Hacking, you can’t visit a tech website or turn on the radio without hearing some reference to the latest scam, outage or robbery related back to ‘hackers’. Hacking has been tarred (sometimes rightly) with a pretty ...
How To

How to Guard against phishing

The threat large businesses face in the world of cybercrime is growing by the day. We’ve seen high profile hacks occur at corporations who handle droves of sensitive customer information. Placed in the wrong hands, ...

Where is my Cloud Data stored?

Cloud storage has made storing our data a simple and accessible task. But much like using any service over the internet, a security-conscious voice echoes from the back of our minds. Rather than saving your ...