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New Tech

How close are we to an IOT home?

One of the things that has made 2016 bearable for me has been the arrival of affordable “smart home” technology. Some of it is frivolous and unnecessary. Which is sort of the point, but other ...
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What is LiFi?

The age of WiFi connectivity may become part of history sooner than we thought, after scientists finally put the light based communication format “Li-Fi” into practice. Recent tests by engineers in Tallinn, Estonia reported they ...
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Hands on: AuraVisor

The Virtual Reality market is simmering away slowly, yet to really launch into the entertainment powerhouse many have promised it will one day become. A contributing factor currently holding back VR is that each of ...
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What is Project Wing?

Drone delivery, to most of us who prefer our parcels delivered by a conscious human being cheerfully driving a van, is still a bit of an illogical pipe-dream. Seemingly riddled with insurmountable flaws, a crazy ...

PC in your Pocket

The PC-on-a-stick category of mini-PCs is continuing to make waves through the market. Small, innovative and perfect for its time. Still, they have a number of significant flaws that might hold you back from making ...
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WD release 12TB DAS Drive

  WD look to push the boundaries of storage and corner the creative market with their new behemoth 12 Terabyte My Book Pro. Twice the size of the previous 6TB My Book, the Pro edition ...
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The world’s smallest USB

From pen-sized to paperclip thin, flash drives have been shrinking in stature and growing in capacity for the last 10 years, and now SanDisk have taken it to the next level by creating the world’s ...
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WiFi Charging

WiFi, the invisible force unleashing our smartphones and connecting us wirelessly to the glorious internet. WiFi is already the all-seeing force binding our smartech, but what if it could also sustain our power hungry devices ...
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Smart Shopping

Supermarket shopping can, at times, be an utter nightmare. Aimlessly wandering down identical aisles, searching for that one elusive item whilst dodging the many trollies and prams in your path. Well, supermarket shopping took a ...
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Wallpaper TV

LG’s screen development team, LG Display, have been busy recently, wowing attendees at a press event in Korea by rolling out a ridiculously slender TV. Dubbed the “wallpaper” TV, LG have offered a tantalising insight ...

Data Transfer through Audio

Occasionally, the world of tech can throw out some quite frankly ridiculous innovations. One of which I discovered recently. “You can transfer data via audio” they said. My dismissive laughter was quickly extinguished however. No ...