dram memory module

A memo about PC memory

Confused by memory?  Don’t know your DRAM from your SRAM?  Are you new to the world of RAM?  Not a problem.  Help is at hand. We’ve put together this brief memo to explain the ins ...
businessman shredding documents

To shred or not to shred?

Protect yourself against identity theft and fraud with a shredder The importance of safely disposing of documents is something that most of us are now aware of and a shredder should be an essential item ...
solid state drive

SSD Buyer’s Guide

Upgrading your PC by adding a Solid State Drive (SSD) is an easy way to boost the performance and reliability of your computer.  Indeed, many new PCs and laptops now include an SSD as standard.  ...
Netgear M4300 Switches

NETGEAR M4300 Switches

Sponsored Post SMBs know the importance of their IT infrastructure and how critical it is their network is fast and reliable.  It also needs to be affordable, scalable, and easy to use.   All of which ...
laptops v desktops

Desktop PCs v Laptops

Corrie and Eastenders. Liverpool and Manchester. Tea and Coffee. What do these things all have in common? They divide people’s opinions. Whether it be what your favourite soap is, which city has the best football ...

Should you install an SSD?

Storage Wars: SSD Help for the Undecided I built a PC for the first time in a decade earlier this month. Fearing some catastrophic mistake, I nervously sent my potential build over to a friend ...

Best Technology of 2015

From tablets and smartwatches to media streaming devices and virtual reality headsets, 2015 has been a great year for technology. And since we’re nearing the end of the year I’ve put together a list of ...
Guest Slots

Kids Tech Under £100

When I was a lad, in the early 80’s I’d have been equally happy with an Eagle Eye ™ Action Man as a Grandstand table top Scramble game, but alas, things have changed and kids ...

Christmas Tech Gifts Under £25

Struggling to find a present for the tech-lover in your life? Is your geek-gift-radar struggling to locate the perfect pressie, well fear not we have the perfect guide for electronic gifts under £25… For more information on the ...

Best tablets of 2015

As a ‘technology commentator’, as my job description is often listed, I’ve found this year has been a little underwhelming for tablet computers. The market has slowed down because more and more people have one ...

Review- Wileyfox Swift

The budget phone market is receiving ever more attention from consumers, and the manufacturers are responding. Look beyond the bigger names around and you’ll stumble across the Wileyfox Swift, a device that is punching well ...

Windows 10 Review

Microsoft dropped a huge ball with Windows 8. Misreading the future of the industry and taking the much loved OS in completely the wrong direction, its failure has piled significant pressure onto its successor. Windows ...