Blue Microphones
a flair for sound

Using state of the art technology and with an unrivalled flair for design, Blue Microphones have developed a range of high-performance eye catching mics. Ideal for musicians, performers and podcasters alike, these stylish microphones sound as good as they look. And, if you are a design conscious computer user, they will also make your internet chat go with a swing.

The technology used by Blue Microphones in their mics delivers studio quality sound no matter whether you are narrating, singing or Skyping with family on the other side of the world.

With built in sound filters and functionality including flexible recording modes these mics make it easy to record crystal clear sound without the need to edit or remix. Other features include polar pattern selectors to choose stereo, cardioid, bidirectional or omnidirectional pick up. You will also find stereo XLR output and all the tools needed to make a single mic do the work that used to require several differently positioned devices.

As an added bonus most of the microphones feature driver-less installation with plug and play compatibility with both PC and Mac computers. This makes them ideal devices that can be used across all platforms. Check out the full range available here at