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BT are the UK’s number one provider of internet services, and with good reason. Their innovation in the field of broadband technology and dedication to excellent customer service place them firmly in the top spot. But did you know that as well as supplying speedy broadband to more than 7.5 million UK internet subscribers, they have also designed and created a range of products to improve the range and quality of Wi-Fi around your home?

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Whether your internet access comes courtesy of BT or another provider, the handy devices in BT’s range are designed to promote the idea of the ‘connected home’. As the name suggests, this is a concept that would see the entire household on the receiving end of fast and consistent Wi-Fi access, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Whether you’re catching up on social media gossip in the kitchen, streaming the latest movie in the living room or gaming online in your bedroom, BT’s home hotspot and range extending kits mean flawless broadband for everyone.