The Ebuyer guide to floorcare

Choosing an upright vacuum,
cylinder vacuum or carpet washer

  • Whether you're looking for a way to simplify the daily task of tidying your floors or want to give the surface a thorough scrub, the right tool is essential for the job.

    When it comes to keeping your floors sparkling, there are many options to consider and the right choice will depend on the amount of cleaning required and the type of machine you prefer to use.

    The characteristics of the surface needing to be cleaned may also

  • play a part in your decision - for example, is it a carpet with thick pile or a smooth surface like laminate? Will you be cleaning stairs or locations other than floors?

    Each type of floorcare device has its own benefits, so you should think about what works best for your needs and preferences.

Types of floorcare devices

  • Upright vacuums

    Offered by brands like Morphy Richards and Vax, upright vacuums provide excellent cleaning power.

    Most machines come with a variety of attachments to make cleaning skirting boards, curtains and sofas an easy task. In addition, the shape of these appliances means they make day-to-day cleaning a breeze.

  • Cylinder vacuums

    The collection of cylinder vacs includes products from Russell Hobbs and Swan, as well as the iconic Henry hoover by Numatic.

    These vacuums are favoured for their compact size and powerful suction. Also, they can be easily manoeuvred around tricky areas, such as under beds and sofas, as well as up stairs.

  • Carpet washers

    For some really powerful cleaning action, a carpet washer could be the ideal choice. These use a combination of cleaning fluid and suction to wash the carpet fibres and then remove excess moisture, leaving the surface fresh and clean.

    They are ideal for cleaning up spills or messes left by pets and can also be useful for getting rid of lingering odours.

  • Steam cleaners

    An effective solution for sprucing up sealed hard surfaces like wood, linoleum and vinyl, steam cleaners can refresh the floor, helping it look like new.

    Meanwhile, some steam cleaners are provided with special attachments so they can be used on carpet.

  • Handheld vacs

    The perfect choice for small cleaning jobs or hard-to-reach corners, handheld vacuums are smaller machines that usually run on battery power. They are designed to save you the effort of getting the larger hoover out for quick tasks.

    These are also useful for when you're cleaning out your car's interior or looking to do a bit of dusting.

  • Robotic vacs

    If you don't enjoy vacuuming, why not consider a machine that does all the work for you?

    This might sound too good to be true, but with the help of modern technology there are a number of programmable devices that can be set to navigate the floors for you, cleaning around furniture, through doorways and parking themselves back in a charging unit when they are done.

    All you have to do is empty the filter, meaning, you can tick one more thing off your list of chores, without any of the hard work!