What is the Connected Data Transporter?

Connected Data Transporter Private Cloud Product Description What is Transporter? Transporter is a private cloud storage device for syncing, sharing, accessing, and protecting your digital life. No cloud, no fees, no privacy concerns. Your files are only stored on your Transporters and computers and mobile devices that you authorize.

Share storage with all your computers:

Easily consolidate all of your movies, music, photos and important documents in one place and give access to anyone you want.

Make use of the storage you already have:

Chances are you already have USB drives gathering dust in a drawer. Let Transporter Sync turn storage you aren't currently using into your own personal cloud.

Easily set up and find on your network:

Set up is a snap. Connect Sync to your router and plug in any USB external drive, and in just a few minutes your Mac or Windows computers will automatically find your Transporter Sync.

Access on the go:

Now you can access your entire photo library, video and music collection, and important documents from your iPhone® or Android™ smartphone.

Keep things completely private with no recurring fees:

Everything you store on Transporter Sync is completely private.