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Corsair is ready for the new
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Corsair has the most comprehensive line of PC components that are optimized for 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors. It's more than a new generation of processors - it's a new opportunity to build the best PC you've ever had. We're ready to help you make it happen.

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Corsair High-Performance DRAM

High-Performance DRAM

Dominator Platinum is designed to help you push your 4th generation Intel Core processor to its limit by taking advantage of the new, faster memory bus speeds. Highly screened memory ICs, coupled with our patented DHX cooling technology, ensure that you'll have plenty of overclocking headroom for optimal performance. The rest of our line of DDR3 memory - including ValueSelect, XMS, and Vengeance - have been tested for full compatibility on 4th generation Intel Core compatabile motherboards.

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Corsair Hydro Series Liquid CPU Coolers

Hydro Series Liquid CPU Coolers

The latest generation of Intel Core processors runs faster than ever before. High-speed processing generates more heat, so superior cooling is a must for high-performance PCs. Hydro Series liquid CPU coolers provide hassle-free, closed-loop cooling that's more efficient and quieter than stock CPU coolers. And, all current Hydro Series models are compatible with 4th generation systems out of the box.

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Corsair Power Supplies

Power Supplies

4th generation Intel Core processors have the ability to go into low-power sleep states (called C6 and C7 by Intel) when they're at idle.

Our close relationship with Intel and motherboard manufacturers has put us in the lead in support for low-power modes, with more models on Intel's roster of approved vendors than any other brand.

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