Central Processing Unit Cooling


A CPU cooler is a smart investment for anyone as the stock fans supplied with most PCs are very limited but even more so for those who push their computers to the maximum level. So, gamers, overclockers and high-intensity users need to ensure their machines have efficient cooling to prevent overheating. Fortunately, Corsair have the solution.

Corsair Hydro Series

The Hydro Series of CPU coolers provide an exceptional liquid cooling performance. And, unlike other liquid coolers, these kits are very easy to install.

When fitted these complete kits are so much quieter than other fans and are also extremely energy efficient and highly reliable. And, a huge plus point for most of us, Corsair CPU coolers require no maintenance and don’t even need to be topped up.

Here at Ebuyer.com we have a full selection of Corsair CPU coolers and of course we have special deals running every day. So do your PC a favour and grab yourself a CPU cooler at an unbeatable price.

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Hydro Series H100i Extreme Performance CPU Cooler

The Hydro Series H100i delivers extreme performance liquid CPU cooling a 240mm top-mounted radiator and Corsair Link monitoring and control.

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Hydro Series H90

Hydro Series H90 provides high-performance liquid CPU cooling for cases with a 140mm fan mount. The self-contained, two-piece system incorporates next-generation, easy-bend tubing for easy installation, and a custom-engineered fan and an advanced cold plate and manifold design for cooling that's significantly better than stock CPU coolers.

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Hydro Series H80i High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

Protect your hardware and increase your CPU's overclocking potential. Dual fans and a double-thick radiator deliver outstanding cooling efficiency, and with Corsair Link you can monitor coolant temperature and adjust cooling performance.

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Hydro Series H60 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

Hydro Series H60's second-generation design offers powerful, efficient CPU cooling. The redesigned fan and low-profile radiator help H60 excel at rapidly drawing heat away from your CPU when you're pushing it hard.

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Hydro Series H55 Quiet CPU Cooler

Hydro Series H55 is the easy cooling upgrade for your Intel or AMD CPU. The efficient, self-contained liquid cooling system is quieter and more efficient than stock CPU fans, and the compact design makes it ideal for smaller cases.

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