Corsair Gaming

Corsair Gaming Peripherals

For the ultimate gaming experience choose the responsiveness and accuracy of Corsair gaming peripherals including keyboards, mice and headsets.

Corsair gaming mice

To play the best games successfully you need a precision mouse that delivers unwavering accuracy in the heat of the battle. And, with a Corsair gaming mouse, accuracy is ensured. Adjustable DPI, laser sensors and the comfortable design guarantee great results whatever the game.

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Corsair Gaming Keyboards

Elevate your gaming to a professional level with these state of the art keyboards from Corsair. Featuring mechanical key switches, cool backlighting and ergonomic designs Corsair gaming keyboards are built from high-quality materials and are constructed to withstand the heavy punishment received during intense gaming sessions.

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Corsair Gaming Headsets

A good headset is a vital piece of kit for a gamer to have and can prove to be a great advantage in online gaming. With their amazing audio qualities every sound will be picked up and the sensitive microphone allows easy and clear communication. Corsair headsets offer flexible connectivity and you can choose between 3.5mm connectors or USB.

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Corsair Gaming Mouse Mats

There is no point using a super sensitive and accurate gaming mouse if you don’t have an equally high-performance mouse mat. Corsair gaming mouse mats have easy glide surfaces that allow for complete control. And with their durable design these mouse mats are designed to be long lasting delivering great results time after time.

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