Corsair Solid state drives


Throw away that mechanical hard drive and ramp up your access speed with a Corsair SSD drive. Of all the improvements you can make to your desktop PC or laptop a new SSD drive is one of the easiest and most effective.

An SSD or Solid-State Drive is faster, quieter and more reliable than a traditional hard drive. Suitable for both desktop and laptop computers Corsair SSDs are compatible with most machines. With a 2.5” form factor they can be used in 3.5” hard drive bays with an adapter.

Corsair Neutron Series

If you are looking for ultra-fast storage and rapid sequential read speeds you need to look at the Corsair Neutron Series of SSDs. Built and designed for optimal performance the Neutron Series of drives delivers excellent results whilst maintaining solidly reliable operation.

Check out the full range of Corsair SSD drives on and you will find the keenest prices online. Order today for fast delivery within the UK.

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Neutron Series

Neutron Series SSDs give you consistently fast storage speed, no matter what kind of work you do with your PC. The advanced Link_A_Media (LAMD)SATA 3 SSD controller provides both high IOPS and super-fast sequential read speeds for reliably fast results.

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Force Series GS

Force Series GS solid-state drives are powered by a SandForce SF-2200 Series controller and fast Toggle NAND memory for fast sequential read/write speeds and strong random write performance for impressive real-world performance.

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Force Series GT

Corsair Force Series GT SSD drives push the limits of SATA 3 6Gb/s performance. It's the SSD to have if you're building an ultimate gaming PC, doing large-scale media editing, or any ultra high-performance computing.

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Force Series LS

Force Series LS features SATA 3 6GB/s support for optimal performance with the latest systems, and it's backward compatible with SATA 1 and 2 for maximum compatibility. The thin 7mm height, low heat generation, and solid-state reliability make it ideal for everything from desktop PCs to the latest ultra-thin notebooks.

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