Liebert® GXT4™ is a true on-line UPS that delivers continuous, high-quality AC power to connected equipment with no interruption when transferring to battery.

It protects equipment from virtually all power disturbances caused by blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges or noise interference.

High availability doesn’t have to come at the cost of efficiency with the Liebert® GXT4™ UPS. Offered in a variety of power capacities – from 700 VA to 10 kVA – this true on-line, double-conversion UPS offers a higher power factor, increased reliability, and helps ensure critical continuity through power disturbances of any kind.

Switch to the Liebert® GXT4™ UPS to Help Ensure Availability of Your Business-Critical Systems.

Benefits Advantage
1. Higher Availability The Liebert® GXT4™ UPS helps keep your most critical systems up and running, regardless of fluctuations in power. In the event of a longer power outage, the Liebert® GXT4™ UPS provides ample time for a graceful shutdown of IT systems, which helps prevent the loss of valuable data. Plus, the Liebert® GXT4™ UPS features fault-tolerant technology that allows it to provide power to equipment in the unlikely event of a UPS component failure.
2. Up to 0.9 Output Power Factor By utilizing a high power factor, the Liebert® GXT4™ UPS allows you to use fewer UPSs in the data center, without sacrificing availability. This simplifies maintenance, reduces the number of battery replacements over the UPS’s life and helps cut energy costs.
3. Controllable Sockets The 700-3000 VA size GXT4™ provides two pair of configurable sockets. These sockets can be programmed for load shedding to turn OFF when the UPS is in overload, when on battery for a programmable number of minutes, and when a programmable backup time remains. They can also be programmed to be always OFF in order to protect against unauthorized use.
4. Zero Transfer Time With zero transfer time when switching to battery operation, the Liebert® GXT4™ UPS allows systems to continue operating seamlessly throughout power disturbances – ensuring that worker productivity is not disturbed by fluctuations.
5. Two-Year Standard Warranty. Every Liebert® GXT4™ UPS comes with a two-year warranty to help protect your investment. One year extended warranty is available for GXT4™ micro as an option.*
6. Hot-Swappable Batteries The batteries in the Liebert® GXT4™ UPS make maintenance a streamlined, hassle-free process. And they can be switched without taking the connected equipment offline.
7. Optional External Battery Cabinet An optional external battery cabinet can be used to extend the runtime of the Liebert® GXT4™ UPS, which helps further negate the effects of power disturbances and preserves critical availability.
8. 24 x 5 Multilanguage Support Emerson Network Power provides industry-best service and support for every Liebert® GXT4™ UPS, so issues can be resolved quickly and critical continuity can remain seamlessly intact.