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Monitor stands and accessories

Ergotron specialise in producing high-quality products that are ergonomically designed to improve comfort and save space whilst working. The hallmark of Ergotron products is their outstanding quality. Built to exacting standards these monitor stands are beautifully engineered from top grade materials and, for the professional user, they enhance not only comfort but also productivity.

Standing at work

Ergotron are leaders in the application of ergonomic technology and have pioneered the use of standing work stations. Standing whilst working is beneficial in a number of ways. Surprisingly you will expand more calories whilst standing, it removes the stress that the body goes through while sitting and finally you will feel more energised and productive.

Monitor stands

As well as work stations Ergotron also produce a wide range of monitor stands in various single, dual and even triple configurations. These stands are great space savers and are fully adjustable whilst holding the monitor securely in place.

As with all Ergotron products their monitor stands are precision engineered, use only the best materials and are designed to create a more relaxed and comfortable working environment. Their versatility means the monitor can be positioned for both sitting and standing and are available in both desk and wall mounted versions.

Other accessories

Ergotron also produce a range of useful accessories including tablet PC stands, tablet management systems and projector equipment.

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