Download a Free Father's Day Card

For many, Father’s Day is an annual opportunity to show our dads how much we appreciate all the things they do for us. From teaching us to ride our first bike to helping us move house, where would we be without dads?

Well, if books, movies and comics are anything to go by, we’d all be heroes. Would Daredevil be cleaning up Hell’s Kitchen if Battling Jack hadn’t been gunned down for refusing to take a dive? Would Metropolis, nay Planet Earth, be safe from Lex Luthor’s schemes if old Jor-El hadn’t sent us his only living son?

Ok, so maybe our fathers owe us for denying us a superhero’s start in life, but for everything else, you can thank them with one of nine geeky Father’s Day cards. Covering everything from sci-fi to video games, show your nerdy pop how much you care in geek-chic style.