Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo, Amilo and Celsius desktop computers offer unrivalled quality and value for money. We are the leading European IT manufacturer of desktop computers. Our world famous reputation for quality German engineering and in house testing capabilities ensure extraordinary product quality and reliability across all product lines.

All Fujitsu-Siemens desktop computers are designed with the price conscious customer in mind. Each desktop is equipped with state-of-the-art Intel processor technology, meaning that they are designed to run reliably and silently, using environmentally conscious materials. Easy access to all internal component areas of the PC makes it very user friendly indeed.

The Esprimo range of desktop computers is the ideal partner for all your demanding business applications. This powerful PC is produced with selected material and equipped with powersave options; such as energy saving management and switched monitor output. This range of desktops meets all the energy saving requirements of tomorrow.

Our Amilo range of desktops are designed to save you space, and keep noise levels down. They help manage all your home IT requirements easily and efficiently. Your keyboard and mouse are connected to the desktop using a wireless interface, helping you to maintain a clean and clutter-free environment at home.

The Fujitsu-Siemens Celsius range of desktop computers is the versatile workstation for price-conscious customers. The Celsius range is the ideal choice for business segments such as graphic design, digital content creation and finance management.

These desktop systems meet all office and home user requirements, and is especially well suited for small, medium and large sized businesses.

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Fujitsu Siemens is a reputed computer and consumer electronics manufacturer with a range of products within its belt.

It has a major customer base in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The company products are known for being ecology and environment friendly. Fujitsu Monitors are perfect for home and business use. The monitor's display makes use of thin film transistor technology (TFT) that works with the principle of each TFT having a fixed number of pixels that combines to make up the liquid crystal matrix. Thus a TFT monitor has its own 'native resolution' that effectively gives the best possible results in terms of picture quality- sharp as well as clear. Fujitsu monitors are available in various screen sizes- from 17" to 22" screens.

The models from Fujitsu offer a choice of technology, special and advanced features, performance and budget options available to buyers. Fujitsu's dedication to product ergonomics is apparent from the design and customer friendly features introduced in its product range. The TFT monitors have not only excellent colour purity but a well balanced uniform brightness display. The Scenicview model in the monitors range is ideally placed as an entry level TFT monitor that not only affords you very good picture quality but works on low power consumption and is designed with space saving in mind. With attractive design variations and gaming control panels on some models, the Fujitsu monitors are an excellent buy if you are looking for an enhanced computing experience.

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Over the years Fujitsu have developed features tailored towards customers' needs. The results we see today are machines which last, run almost silently and are efficient in the amount of electricity they use. All Fujitsu laptops are built with a stylish professional design making them ideal for business people and professionals. As Fujitsu design laptops for both office and home owners the range of laptops they provide is extensive. Consequently they produce Netbooks, powerful laptops for professionals and high performance laptops for gamers to satisfy the most demanding multimedia laptop users.

Fujitsu manufacture Tablet PCs, which allow electronic handwritten documents to be written on the detachable screen. This innovation allows business people to write handwritten notes wherever they are and then present notes professionally. Whether your new laptop will be primarily for home or business use the Fujitsu laptop range will provide you with plenty of options to choose from.

Fujitsu Lifebooks
Designed for speed and power, Fujitsu Lifebooks are ideal for professionals who require internet and laptop access on the move. The major benefit of Fujitsu Lifebooks is the full windows operating system whilst using much less battery power than a laptop equivalent. With large memory capabilities, powerful processors and DVD drives Fujitsu Lifebooks offer all the power and functionality of a laptop but with the flexibility and portability that business people, students and anyone in today's fast paced web-connected society craves.

Fujitsu Business Laptops
Fujitsu have enabled business people more freedom with more connectivity, portability and functionality in their business laptops than ever before. With ever decreasing weights, ever-increasing battery life and stylish looks, Fujitsu laptops are steadily becoming one of the choice product ranges for professionals looking to enjoy a fast paced mobile lifestyle. Fujitsu Tablet PCs offer versatility with Fujitsu's 17 years of pen-computing experience. With their lightweight design, strong connectivity and high security Fujitsu's tablet pc's offer convenient features with an incredible ease of use.

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