The world's most advanced graphics carts - Experience the new geforce GTX 980 & 970.

The new GeForce GTX 980 and 970 are powered by the next-generation NVIDIA® Maxwell™ architecture, giving you incredible performance, unmatched power efficiency, and cutting-edge features.

Maxwell is the most advanced GPU architecture ever made, designed to be the engine of next-generation gaming. Inspired by light, it was designed to solve some of the most complex lighting and graphics challenges in visual computing. For the first time, gaming GPUs can dynamically render indirect light using the new VXGI (Voxel Global Illumination) technology. Scenes are significantly more lifelike as light interacts more realistically in the game environment.

Asus X99 - Series motherboards

Increadible speed and power efficiency

The GTX 980 is the world’s fastest GPU and the GTX 970 offers the most advanced performance in its class. Each delivers 2x the performance of previous-generation cards1, bringing new gaming experiences to virtual reality, HD, and ultra-resolution 4K displays. Plus, the Maxwell architecture’s superior efficiency requires only a 500 W power supply.2

Stunning graphics

Exclusive GeForce technologies make games look and perform at their best. New Voxel Global Illumination accelerates dynamic lighting effects to offer a truly cinematic experience and Dynamic Super Resolution delivers 4K detail, even on 1080p monitors.

Super-smooth and stutter free

GeForce GTX 980 and 970 cards support tear-free, super-fast NVIDIA G-SYNC™ monitor display technology, including 4K. Together, these technologies provide the most immersive and competitive gaming experiences possible.

New ways to game

NVIDIA Maxwell is breakthrough architecture for next-generation gaming experiences, including virtual reality, 4K, and 4K Surround. Plus, you can record your greatest gaming moments in 4K with NVIDIA ShadowPlay™ to share with friends. You can even stream PC games from your GeForce GTX rig to an NVIDIA SHIELD™ device with NVIDIA GameStream™ to play anywhere.

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