Buy grey or recertified storage media and look what's thrown in free.

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The grey market can be costly for your business. We all love a bargain but everything isn't always as it seems. And taking the risk with buying from grey market suppliers can be a very costly mistake for any business. But why take the risk? is an authorised HP Storage Media partner and all our stock is obtained directly from approved HP wholesalers. As we only supply HP products obtained through official channels you can be assured that the tapes we sell here on are from the latest batches off the production line and that, unlike products purchased from grey market outlets, HP will provide full after sales care and support.

Our close relationship with HP allows us to offer great deals and fantastic value for money prices. There really is no need to risk buying from the grey market. But, just in case you are not aware of the many pitfalls, read on…

Data Loss

The perils of false economy

Grey marketing is against HP terms and conditions and may be illegal in your region. A used tape may have been overused. Each tape has a specified life that relates to in-drive performance and is often measured by the number of head passes, load/unload cycles, and the number of backups. Each of these everyday activities will, to some degree, shorten the life of the product. No amount of cosmetic surgery will ever make it as good as new.

A grey or recertified tape has no HP warranty. And its original warranty is invalid. Since HP provides no support for unauthorised media, the customer will expect you to solve any problems they have with it.


Separating fact from fiction

Unauthorised dealers may try to hide their tracks to pass off media as genuine. Much closer inspection is needed to examine the reliability of a tape. Only by measuring error rates as the drive tries to read or write data will reveal the cartridges true colours. But that takes time, expertise and equipment that few wholesalers or resellers can access.

To make an informed decision about any brand of media, you need proper benchmarks. HP and its competitors publish concise information about the performance you can expect from their media. Any performance data from a recertified vendor is likely to be vague and unquantifiable - and needs checking out.


Regional Packaging

HP will vigorously investigate breaches of HP partner contracts and illegal grey marketing activities. HP's proactive stance on this matter is intended to protect not only its brand value and customer satisfaction, but also the interests of partners who comply with their contracts and expect to compete on a level playing field. To help combat grey marketing activities, HP has implemented distinctive, regional packaging for all HP LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5, and LTO-6 media pallet SKUs with the suffix 'A' - C7973A, C7974A, C7975A and C7976A.

The illustration below shows a generic example of the regional label, including the region specific mark for EMEA. Similar, but distinctive, regional marks exist for products in other regions.


Authentic or fake. Is there really a choice to make?

As statistics have proved, most businesses experiencing back up failure and data loss go out of business (50% immediately and 90% within two years). And the financial penalties for not being able to recover archived data when legally obliged could cost your customers millions.

With such high stakes, why invest in recertified cartridges that are well past their 'use by' date? Back a certainty. Always supply original HP storage media purchased from an authorised HP source.