Internet Security - what you need to know

It’s a multimedia world and with most of us continually downloading or streaming content, apps and documents we are constantly under threat from viruses and malware. Internet security is more important than ever before. Yet many of us overlook the basics of protecting our computer.

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Threats to your computer

We have all heard horror stories about PCs being crippled by viruses or malware stealing personal details. But what are the specific threats to our computers and how exactly do they infect our machines? Let’s look at the main threats that we face:

Virsues - Hidden programs that cause havoc

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Small pieces of code that are maliciously attached to websites, email attachments and portable devices that can cause chaos with a computer. And, as the code is capable of replicating itself, viruses can spread like wildfire across networks.

Trojans - Undercover code that takes over

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A worm will spread very quickly across networks and effectively takes control of computers or steals the user’s personal information. Worms are typically transmitted by hacking trusted websites and downloading a corrupted file to a visitor’s machine.

Worms - Spread quickly and takes control

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Unlike worms and viruses a Trojan can’t replicate itself. But that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. In fact a Trojan can steal your data or even completely take over your machine. Users are typically tricked into downloading and installing code onto their computer either through infected websites or email attachments.

So many threats – so what do we do?

It all seems so bleak doesn’t it? But don’t worry. You can keep malicious malware away from your computer with the help of anti-virus and internet security software. And here at we offer the latest programmes from all the leading brands at the lowest prices.


One of the leading names in internet security Kaspersky produce easy to use software that will protect your computer against all attacks.

Constantly updated to defend your machine against the latest malware Kaspersky anti-virus software is available in both single and multi-user versions.


Offering total protection against online threats McAfee will help to protect your computer against unsafe websites and will also encrypt your personal data.

Buy the software boxed or as a download and for either single or multiple users.


Specifically designed to safeguard networks business and enterprise users should consider Symantec back-up and protection software.

For home users Symantec produce the Norton Security brand of software that will protect computers from the latest malware threats.


Guard against all viruses and malware threats with the advanced protection offered by Panda internet security software.

With added features such as parental controls, data shields and online back-up Panda delivers a comprehensive security suite.


Identity protection, anti-spam and anti-virus software from Bullguard provides a low cost and practical solution for those looking for advanced internet security.

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