Why choose Kyocera?

Between a highly trained and motivated workforce, the company’s philosophical heritage and superior technology, constantly delivers improved benefits to its customers and to the planet. The three main benefits being Ecology, Economy, and reliability. Kyoceras commitment to constantly produce innovative technology means that their printers require fewer parts, which in return benefits the customer with lower running costs and less waste. Kyocera offer the cheapest total running costs, unbeaten by any other manufacturer within the print industry. This considers the total running costs of the original hardware, Toner, maintenance and servicing, adding an economical benefit. All of Kyocera’s Printers contain innovative technology particularly in the drum which are much more durable than the organic photo-conductor (OPC) drums used by other manufacturers, as a result Kyocera’s drums last up to 30 times longer than any of its competition.

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In 2012, Kyocera celebrated it’s 20th anniversary of Ecosys technology.

Ecosys = Ecology + Economy + System Printing

Ecosys is an environmentally sustainable technology which drives the design and production of the Kyocera Printer range. The development of sustainable printers helps to satisfy Kyocera’s environmental focus with a goal to reduce humanities impact on the planet. x


Optimised with flow efficiency

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is the lifetime cost of a device as operating expenses can significantly exceed the original purchase price of the hardware. ECOSYS devices are designed to minimise both direct costs, such as consumables, and indirect costs, such as energy waste and administration, invariably offering the lowest TCO in their class.


Minimised enviomental impact

Kyocera’s Long life Technology utilises their expensive expertise in ceramics. The durable drum is integral to the printer; the only consumable is the actual Toner cassette. ECOSYS Printers consume fewer materials in manufacture, generate less waste and simplify recycling, therefore minimising environmental impact.

System Printing

Effortless system integration

With Kyocera ECOSYS, devices offer a wide range of enhancement designed to maximise document output productivity. Additional functionalities and upgrades are available, optimising the long term benefit of investment. Finally, Kyocera document solutions integrates system software ensures long term and cross-network compatibility.


Kyocera have introduced a unique HYPAS solution, Hybrid platform for advanced solutions, which is a powerful tool that optimises the performance of Kyocera’s multifunction devices through custom integrated software applications that can be personally designed to meet customer’s individual needs.

HYPAS has been designed to transform and personalise customer’s multifunction printers into an individual resource that results in enhanced information sharing, improved workflows and resource optimisation.

There are 7 applications in total that are powered by HyPAS. These are detailed below;

  • Teaching Assistant– Streamlines the task of printing, marking and analysing multiple-choice tests
  • Print & Follow – Secure print release without the need for a dedicated server
  • Cloud Connect – Prints and scans directly out of or into the cloud. This application is Free of charge to Kyocera Customers.
  • PinPoint Scan – Direct connection between a PC and the MFP for scanning
  • Colour Control – Reduces consumable spend quickly and easily
  • Language Select – Allows users to switch between all languages set on the device
  • Mail2Me – One click scanning and emailing application directly from your MFP, this application is free of charge to Kyocera Customers.

Drum and Developer Guarantee

Kyocera printers feature a long life drum and innovative developer technology, which as a result means longer service intervals. Kyocera machines are specifically designed to reduce maintenance to a minimum.

Toner technology

Kyocera feature a unique ceramic drum, which is exclusive to Kyocera and no other manufacturer can offer. This highly durable material can be highly advantageous for a number of reasons;

  1. The material used in Kyocera’s ceramic drum is 10-15 times harder than the OPC material which is generally used in other manufacturers printers.
  2. The Kyocera ceramic drum is so highly durable that there is no need for it to be replaced as often, as a result the printer becomes a lot more economical.
  3. As there is little need for the drum to be replaced, users can simply replace the toner cassette when the toner runs out. This costs less than an all in one cartridge, which reduces the waste produced, thus making this method more sustainable and offers a more cost effective approach.

Single Function Mono

Kyocera FS-2100dn Mono Duplex Laser Printer

Kyocera FS-2100dn Mono Duplex Laser Printer image
  • Max Resolution: 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi
  • Print Speed: Up to 40 ppm
  • Total Media Capacity: 600 sheets
  • Duplex unit for double-sided printing as standard
  • 256 MB RAM for advanced functionality (Private Print)
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Single Function Colour

Kyocera ECOSYS P6021cdn A4 Colour Laser Printer

Kyocera ECOSYS P6021cdn A4 Colour Laser Printer image
  • A4 Colour Laser Printer
  • Up to 21 pages per minute in A4 in colour and b/w
  • Up to 9,600 dpi printing quality with multibit technology
  • Standard duplex unit for double-sided printing
  • 250-sheet universal cassette, also for A6 format
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Multi Function Mono

Kyocera ECOSYS M2030dn A4 Mono Multifunction (print/copy/scan/fax)

Kyocera ECOSYS M2030dn  A4 Mono Multifunction (print/copy/scan/fax) image
  • Up to 30 pages per minute in A4.
  • Time to first copy: 6.9 seconds.
  • 5-line LCD display for clear messages and ease of use.
  • Print, copy, scan functionality as standard.
  • Duplex unit for cost-saving double-sided printing.
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Multi Function Colour

Kyocera Ecosys M6026cdn 26ppm A4 Multifunctional Colour Laser Printer

Kyocera Ecosys M6026cdn 26ppm A4 Multifunctional Colour Laser Printer image
  • Kyocera ECOSYS M6026cdn A4 Colour Laser Multifunction Printer
  • 26PPM Colour Print
  • Automatic Double sided printing
  • 9600 x 600dpi Print Resolution
  • 250 sheet input tray
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Case Studies #1

Bishops Stortford College

Kyocera has recently received top marks from Bishops Stortford College. (One of the country’s leading co-educational schools for 4 to 18 year olds)

“Bishop’s Stortford College has a comprehensive renewal programme to ensure that we provide the latest equipment and a development process which ensures that ICT resources are provided wherever they can assist in the teaching and learning process. We had previously always bought our printers from another manufacturer but the increase in consumables pricing and the apparent decrease in durability of printers triggered a review of our printer purchasing decisions.”

“Stephen Bacon, the schools IT manager has said of Kyocera “The service we get from KYOCERA is 5 how you are benefiting from its products...”

“We did an extensive review of the market and liked KYOCERA’s green credentials and its compelling consumables pricing. It was refreshing to realise that we didn’t have to remove and replace a significant portion of the machine each time we needed to replace the toner...”

“Now more than half of the schools 136 Printers are Kyocera, including a mix of mono and colour devices. These have been deployed as classroom printers, small workgroup printers and personal printers throughout the school.

Case Studies #2

Public Sector

Public sector organisations are under more pressure than ever to minimise operational costs while continuing to execute high levels of service to the community.

One organisation in the public sector needed to select a new print supplier. Reliability and cost of ownership was paramount to their decision to take on Kyocera. Their IT manager explains how his organisation’s relationship with Kyocera has developed over the years:

“In 2001, we performed a review of our printer fleet. We looked at a number of suppliers and conducted thorough cost-per-page analysis of competing products from various vendors. We wanted a single provider of printing equipment and we weren’t interested in just the up-front cost of the equipment, as that is only half the story. We wanted the most economical option over the life of the product. We looked at the total cost of ownership.

Our vendor of choice used to be Hewlett Packard but we switched to Kyocera in 2001 as they came out as the clear winner on total cost of ownership and we’ve continued to buy them ever since. They were ahead of all the competition. At the time, we worked out we would be making a significant saving each year by replacing the HP printer fleet with Kyocera products. We have been extremely happy with the performance and cost efficiency of the Kyocera printers over the past 6 years and would recommend them to anyone.”