ThinkStation P Series: Right for manufacturing

How do you define a breakthrough? It's about doing things differently, to achieve what's never been done before. That's why Lenovo designed the new ThinkStation P Series, to go beyond simple hardware specifications with an architecture that shatters the limits of workstation functionality and flexibility in manufacturing environments.

Lenovo's ThinkStation P Series was designed from the ground up as a professional workstation. Powerful with the latest Intel Xeon processors, they feature up to 16 memory slots and support up to 14 storage devices and up to three NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards. P Series workstations are fully ISV-certified and support virtually all popular professional applications such as SOLIDWORKS and PTC.

The intelligent design of P Series workstations makes them totally configurable and upgradeable to suit any manufacturing purpose or environment. Lenovo employed a unique CAD system in developing the P Series to test hypotheses around user needs, and design the ideal combination of form and function. The result has been innovations like superior air flow and cooling architecture to ensure maximum reliability, even under the heaviest workloads. And its robust chassis, with a double steel wall design, protects against unexpected bumps or movements.

Leading your industry demands the best performance. That's why the best strategy is to invest in workstations like Lenovo P Series, that will provide superior performance now, and well into the future

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Understanding the fundamentals of robust Workstation design

Workstation performance in a manufacturing environment is determined by the sum of many factors, not the least of which is good design. Awell-designed workstation not only maximises the performance of all the components, but it also makes it easier to maintain, re-configure, and upgrade. It is important to understand why and how design issues can impact workstation performance.

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Mission-Critical manufacturing activities rely on WorkStations

The right workstation is key to effective implementation of virtually every manufacturing activity. For Example:

Digital Manufacturing

Such as large-scale 3D printing requires high-end computing power to quickly render simple sketches into 3D models.

Production Engineering

Requires workstations with high performance that enable engineers to work on models that are typically large and have many different data points.

Interchangeable Fans

Also relies on high reliability because a problem with a workstation can delay an enttire manufacturing line. Standards support is also key so CIM workstations can integrate with a variety of other machines.

Industrial Engineering

Relies on powerful, reliable workstations for designing efficient new processes and systems.

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC)

Workstations which translate CAD designs into numerical coordinates for tools like lathes, must be highly reliable and efficient to operate on shop floors in warm temperatures.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Needs high-performance, ISV-certified workstations to rend models and diagrams using complex professional applications.

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