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My Gaming Build

Pavan Singh
1 year ago 11352 views
I would choose the Asus crosshair MotherBoard, but is too expensive, and the gigabyte one offers all

Bang for Buck Gaming Rig

Ryan Gregory
1 year ago 10365 views
*NOTES* I original sapphire graphics card i bought for 41, it is alot more on here now due to low s

Badass Gaming Build (400 Pounds)

Christopher Arnold
2 years ago 7171 views
A somewhat budget system. (80% there!!)

Great value budget gaming set-up

Sam Jackson
1 year ago 7097 views
Good Stuff

Planned future PC

Chris Liddiard
1 year ago 4866 views
The shopping list. Edited after a few of the parts dropped off the site.


michael cooke
1 year ago 4824 views
NEARLY 3000 VIEWS!!! you can never fully future proof but you can defo buy with the future in m

Hackintosh Build

Pavan Singh
1 year ago 4247 views
This build is if you wanted to build a Hackintosh. I have kept some parts such as the graphics low s

Custom PC

Calum Paton
2 years ago 4047 views

Liams PC

Kevin Banks
1 year ago 3967 views

Gaming PC

Gareth Thomas
2 years ago 3829 views
First build! This is going to be my first system I build. Looking at all the products listed I bel
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