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Logitech Remotes

Logitech Remote controls let you use one device for all your home entertainment needs. Logitech Harmony remotes work with a wide range of multimedia products so you can control everything from one remote. Simply connect your Logitech remote to a PC or Mac®, visit Logitech.com/MyHarmony, and Logitech's software will do the rest for you. Designed for a range of needs, Logitech's remote models are ergonomic, well lit and suitable for all ages. You will find stylish remotes that look good in any room.

logitech remotes

Logitech Harmony Touch

Rethink your remote. We did.

There was a time when your standard remote was enough. Today, home entertainment is anything but standard. There are more devices, more channels and more options than you could ever have imagined. That's why Logitech is rethinking the remote with the Harmony Touch.

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