PS3 bug 'may trigger baby boom'

Nearly nine out of 10 male PlayStation 3 owners spent "quality time" with their partners while their consoles rode out the calendar bug last week, a study has found.

According to website PS3PriceCompare, it means an increased likelihood of a baby boom some time in early December, which is supposedly good news for Sony because new fathers "will be upping the use of their consoles to get them through those sleepless nights".

A technical glitch with the clock functionality on some older versions of the PS3 prompted Sony to ask users to switch off the consoles for a 24-hour period while the problem was fixed.

Of 2,400 PS3 owners surveyed to see what they were doing during the outage, 9% said they took their partners out for dinner.

PS3PriceCompare's head developer Mike Elsmore said: "We conducted the study as we were curious as to what the users of PS3 did to occupy themselves while the network was down, but the results are a surprise to us.

"Unfortunately for women the world over PS3 has a very small failure rate so I doubt these amorous nights will become a regular fixture on the gamers evening activities."

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