Gaming BEGINS with the GeForce GTX 950.

This is a true gaming GPU designed for every PC gamer. It’s built to the exacting specifications of the GeForce GTX family and powered by NVIDIA Maxwell™—the most advanced GPU architecture ever created—to deliver 3x the performance of previous-generation cards.*

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Full HD Performance

Maxwell’s exceptional performance and efficiency means you can transform your basic PC into a modern gaming rig that can play the latest games at 1080p.

Step Above a Console

More powerful than any console, this card delivers a truly interactive, cinematic experience in the latest games with advanced effects driven by NVIDIA GameWorks™ and DirectX™ 12.

Get The Edge For MOBA

Competitive gamers demand instant responsiveness and low latency. The GeForce GTX 950 is designed from the ground up for the MOBA gamer, empowering you to rule the game.

New Ways To Play

Share your gameplay or co-play online. Even stream PC games from your GeForce GTX-powered rig to your NVIDIA® SHIELD™ device to play anywhere using NVIDIA GameStream™.

Ready to get real about gaming? Experience the performance of the new GeForce GTX 950.

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