Dedicated Graphics

The dedicated graphics of Nvidia GeForce GTX turn your laptop into a gaming and multimedia machine. Stream movies quickly and easily with flawless playback. And get the most from graphical apps and software. For example editing photos becomes a much faster process with stunning results.

Accelerated Gaming

Gamers will appreciate the amazing performance of a Nvidia laptop. Thanks to its support of DirectX 11 even the very latest games burst to life with breath-taking graphics and sound. With its superfast performance laptop gaming can be taken to a whole new level.

Outstanding Battery Life

Nvidia's Optimus technology tailors the operation of the laptop to the applications it is powering. This results in a far longer battery life without compromising on performance. This allows you to use the laptop on the road without having to pack your charger and without having to worry about using resource intensive applications.


Maxwell is the most advanced GPU architecture ever made, designed to be the engine of next-generation gaming. Inspired by light, it was designed to solve some of the most complex lighting and graphics challenges in visual computing. For the first time, gaming GPUs can dynamically render indirect light using the new VXGI (Voxel Global Illumination) technology. Scenes are significantly more lifelike as light interacts more realistically in the game environment.

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