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Surf the web faster and more smoothly with a Tegra processor. No more hang ups. Interact on social media or download the latest app. It all happens quickly and without fuss on a Tegra tablet.

Manage Your Workload

Don't worry about getting buried with work. With a Tegra processor multitasking is painless. Work on that presentation or write that report all while surfing the web or downloading some music. And it doesn't matter if you are sat at your desk, on a train or queuing for a coffee. It is all seamless and painless.


As you would expect from Nvidia a Tegra powered tablet produces astonishing graphics. It doesn't matter if you are running Windows or Android the images are incredible. Beautifully rendered photos, crisp and clear web pages and picture perfect movies are all instantly brought to life on your tablet.


Want console quality gaming on a tablet PC? With Tegra it's possible. Brilliant graphics on the go and ultra-realistic gameplay is standard with Tegra powered tablet PC's. Got a few minutes between meetings? Train stuck in a tunnel? Why not chill out and play the hottest games while you're waiting?


Watch the latest blockbuster in awesome high definition. No matter where you are. Take your movies or favourite TV shows with you and watch them whenever you want to relax. And with Tegra processors you know the images will be smooth, bright and crisp.

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