OCZ Technology

OCZ Technology Group designs and manufactures state of the art, technologically sound higher performance computer components like hard drives and memory. OCZ products are known for being highly reliable and durable, offering great speed, performance and affordability to customers. The company started selling memory in 2000 and became the first in the world to manufacture the 'dual channel' optimized memory kits. The company has a strong Research and Development body that constantly strives to be ahead in innovating and designing products. OCZ technology has of late also moved into other categories like power management and solid state storage and has designed a line of high performance power supply units that have proved to be a great success in the market as well as received good press coverage from the industry. Solid state drives from OCZ Technology are fantastic products that are also affordable.

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Solid State Drives

The solid state drive range from OCZ Technologies are exceptionally designed and crafted to work in all conditions to give you the best possible results. OCZ manufactures the solid state drives in 2.5" in size and the capacities available in this range are 60GB and 120 GB. The most popular SSD from OCZ is the Vertex 2 hard drive. The OCZ Vertex 2 offers a great user experience - not only do you get faster loading of applications, faster data access, battery quality ensuring longer usage and a relatively shorter booting time. The solid state drives (SSD) are a great addition to user's computing and for those looking for a replacement of the hard drives. The range gives you the best of both worlds - performance as well as great value for money. Buying an SSD from OCZ means you are reassured of the quality and performance.


Desktop Memory

OCZ manufactures desktop memory products, offering a range of products like the DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 high speed memory. The high speed DDR memory from OCZ is one of the fastest and most reliable memories that are available in the market. A focus on research and development has ensured that OCZ uses state of the art technology to design and manufacture the high speed DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 memory. DDR2 memories, are one step higher from traditional DDR memory. They are faster and give a better performance and all this, at a much lesser power consumption. The DDR3 memory from OCZ is perfect for computing enthusiasts who need more power and more speed than regular computer users. The OCZ DDR3 memory is designed for next generation platforms and is backed by the OCZ brand name, giving it its quality and reliability.