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You have been hearing about what SSDs can do to jump start PC Performance for a while now. But you have not made the leap yet. Why, what is holding you back? Cost? Enter the all-new OCZ ARC solid state drive series. Known for its innovative enthusiast-grade SSDs, OCZ designed the ARC series to offer everyday users an excellent value while still leveraging the proven technology found in our flagship SSDs for a robust performance and reliability feature-set. Crossover ... no faith needed with this leap.

Up to 490 MB/s | Up to 80,000 IOPS | OCZ Barefoot 3 M10 Controller | Toshiba 19nm Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND | Available in 120GB - 480GB.

OCZ 120GB ARC 100 Series SSD

  • - OCZ ARC Series
  • - 120GB Capacity
  • - Up to 475 MBs Sequential Read
  • - Up to 395 MBs Sequential Write
  • - 2.5inch Form Factor
  • £ 34.98
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