Stone 3

Fashionable, portable, mobile power

PowerBank technology is the latest evolutionary battery technology that is taking both the US and Japan by storm!

Battery life (or lack of) is no longer an issue thanks to the Stone 3. This mini power station can charge most electronic devices (via USB) as quick as the mains, this means it can charge an iPad to 92% in just 3 hours! The Stone 3 has a huge capacity of 7800mAh, which means it can charge an iPhone 4S 5 times between charges. The Stone 3 is also capable of charging 2 devices simultaneously, no difficult decisions as to which device you need to charge first.

This is a must for anyone who is spending a few days away from home, whether you are at a business meeting, a festival, sporting events or simply going on holiday as you wont need lots of different chargers.

Travel smart, travel light!

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  • Simple, easy to carry
  • High capacity with 7800mAh
  • Apple Licensed & Certified
  • Charges 2 devices simultaneously
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Low self-consumption, less than 50uA
  • Can charge an iPad to 92% in 3 hours
  • Charges at the same speed as a mains connection
  • Gives you an extra 10 hours battery life on your iPad
  • Can charge an iPhone 4S 5 times between charges
  • Can be recharged thousands of times
  • The Stone 3 will hold it’s charge for years to come


  • Capacity: 7800mAh
  • Output 1: 5V/2.1A
  • Output 2: 5V/2.0A
  • Dimensions: 75x75x27mm