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  1. Select the category of your printer
    Simply tell us whether you need consumables for a normal printer, a multifunction printer or another kind of office machine - like a fax or label maker.
  2. Select the manufacturer of your printer
    Choose from the list which manufacturer matches your printer by simply clicking on the manufacturer name.
  3. Select the model line of your printer
    Choose from the list which manufacturer product line you have - this will be displayed on the printer itself or on the box/documentation that came with the printer.
  4. Select the model of printer you have
    After choosing the product line, choose from the list the model of your printer - all the models listed are for the manufacturer and product line you selected on the previous steps.
  5. Results
    After selecting your printer details from the options, we'll return a list of all the suitable ink or toner options. In some cases, more than one option may be available. For example, many printers require separate colour and black cartridges, which need to be purchased individually. Or some inks are offered in different qualities - for photos or day-to-day printing.